Grabber is a Decepticon (well, pre-Decepticon) from the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Grabber is a massive Transformer named for the hydraulic pincers at the end of each arm, capable of squeezing another Transformer's limbs off. He's also equipped with twin sawblades mounted on his shoulders. The conveyor-wheels covering his chest can be used while grappeling in robot mode to push an opponent up into his saws. Grabber's taloned feet are capable of digging into steel, making him exceptionally sure-footed in robot mode. His armor converts energy attacks to heat.

Grabber's tactic of charging enemies head-first to catch them in his saws leaves his head module vulnerable to damage. If blinded he becomes easily disoriented, a weakness compounded by Grabber's poor awareness of the battlefield around him.

Grabber is prone to overconfidence when faced with a weaker foe, and easily thrown off balance by even moderately surprising tactics.


Transformers Legends Anthology

Prior to the initial Decepticon uprising, Autobot Energon Location Specialist Geosensus witnessed a death-match between Grabber and Sting in a makeshift arena deep within Cybertron.

Grabber was the crowd favorite, vastly outclassing the much-smaller Sting, whom he had been systematically taking apart. However, a surprise blow to the head had driven Grabber perilously close to the slag pit in the middle of the Arena, and while pulling Sting towards his saw to finish him, Sting instead threw himself onto the saw, overbalancing them both into the slag pit.

Grabber was destroyed by a weaker opponent. Not a horrible death by Decepticon standards; at least it was in battle, albeit a thoroughly embarrassing one. Parts

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