Gorlam Prime is a planet in the IDW comics portion of the Generation One continuity family

Gorlam Prime is a planet in the same sector of space as the Benzuli Expanse cosmic anomaly. It is currently experiencing a technological renaissance, with great leaps in science and an obvious transition from biological to mechanical lifeforms. This advancement is rather sudden and unprecedented, happening at an unusual rate. While studying the world, Nightbeat suspected Cybertronian influences in their technology, and he was vindicated upon finding remains of the original Ark spacecraft in an archaeological dig. He was then attacked by a previously unknown type of Transformer. These smaller individuals herded him towards a "Hole in the World" deep beneath the planet's surface. Spotlight: Nightbeat

When Nightbeat later returned with Hardhead, trying to find out what had happened the first time, they found the entire world was in chrysalis state and evolving into a final form. It was revealed that the entire planet is one big experiment for Jhiaxus, who's been pushing the species into a new, more durable form as a test for the whole universe to see how they would survive in the coming Expansion. Spotlight: Hardhead

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