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Goradora (ゴラードラ Gorādora) is the combination of the five Jaki Predacons. There are presumably a lot of him, as the Jaki are formed out of ordinary objects by the Four Oni.


Transformers Go!

"Triple Combination! Swordbot - Samurai!"

In the battle for the Tatewakis' Legendisc, Gaidora formed the Jaki from nearby automobiles. When they failed against the Swordbot Samurai Team. Gaidora commanded his minions to merge into the fierce Goradora. Fearful for his new friends, Isami Tatewaki pleaded with somebody to do something, and his Legendisc allowed the Samurai Team to combine into GoKenzan. With his Cutting Lightning Cross attack, GoKenzan was able to take out Goradora in one attack. Again, Gaidora had his scattered Jaki form Goradora. Goradora took to the skies, necessitating the Swordbots to unite into GoJinbu, who sent the Jaki to the ground with the Thunderclap Counter-Strike. After Gaidora asked them to use their strength, the Jaki combined into Goradora yet again. Goradora put up more of a fight, and thus GoGanoh was formed. With the Powerful Blaze Blast from GoGanoh and another Cutting Lightning Cross from GoKenzan, Goradora was seemingly put down for good.

"Triple Combination! Swordbot - Ninja!"

Elsewhere in the meantime, Judora formed another set of Jaki to battle the Swordbot Shinobi Team at Nagoya Castle. They too formed into Goradora, who fell against the Shinobi Team's combined form as GoGekisou. After disassembling because of GoGekisou's attacks, Goradora was formed again in a much larger size. This proved ineffective, as this Goradora was destroyed by GoGekisou's Strike Land Beast Fang attack.

"Pursue! The Legendiscs!"


After travelling into the past and being confronted by the Samurai Team who followed, Budora summoned the Jaki and had them combine into Goradora. This Goradora fell to GoJinbu.

"Discover! The Legendiscs!"

Similarly, Judora travelled back to the Sengoku era, only to be pursued by the Shinobi Team. Despite forming the more powerful Black Goradora out of the Jaki, they were defeated once by GoSensui, and again by GoHishou.

"The Invincible Swordsman - Ryōma Sakamoto!?"

In yet another era of the past, Bakudora summoned the Jaki and had them combine into the "Black Jaki Combination" too. This Black Goradora was defeated by GoGanoh.


  • Goradora is unusual in that the "do" syllable in his name does not have a long "o" sound like the Four Oni. Instead, the long vowel in his name is the first "a".