Good luck necklace

Young girl stalks giant robot and wears a piece of jewellery that is connected to his very soul. Creepy.

The Good Luck Necklace is a piece of jewellery Alexis wore during the Unicron Battles portion of the Mini-Con War. She claims that it brings good fortune and was the only thing that could keep them safe while they were trapped inside Unicron. Portent

Alexis fashioned it out of the jewelled stone Starscream brought back for her from Mars, and was symbolic of her possibly love for him. Mysteriously, the stone set within the necklace appears to be tied to Starscream's spark in some way, as it cracked when he was destroyed by Unicron. Cramp

How Alexis managed to fashion a complex piece of jewellery in deep space is also a mystery.

Mysterious rock

Santa Claus gives bad/annoying children radioactive rocks for Christmas.


  • In the dub of this Armada episode, Alexis claims to have made it out of a rock she found on Cybertron, despite its symbolism of her relationship with Starscream, and the fact it looks like it was made out of a piece of the Mars rock he gave her. This is most likely an error, given the other errors in the episode.
  • Ten years later during Energon, this very special necklace may as well have never existed.
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