Gomya is an alien in the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

"...with photon flippers!" (Gomya is on the right.)

A gigantic intelligent space seal with aviator goggles and brightly colored prehensile hair, Gomya is an average representative of his species in most respects—on the outside, anyway. Inside he harbors a dark secret of freakish transgressions against social norms, which will tear his family apart.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Shamefully for a giant space seal, Gomya is a poor and timid swimmer. He inadvertently revealed this to his elder brother Domya, whose response was to scorn him and beat him. Gomya went into a tantrum of anger and self-pity, and at that moment happened to come into contact with an Angolmois capsule making planetfall. His emotional outburst powered by the energy of the capsule caused the entire planet to freeze, trapping Domya under a sea of ice. Only a timely intervention by Break caused Gomya to decide that he didn't hate his brother, relenting in his callous emotions and letting the ice of the planet thaw. Burning Spirit Below Freezing

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