Goldgear is one of Soundwave's Mini-Con subordinates.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Season 3

In Railroad Rage, after she got knocked out by the Stunticons during a fight in a railroad yard, Strongarm had her Decepticon Hunter stolen by Goldgear, who casually retrieved the weapon and slipped away before Bumblebee could notice anything amiss.

In Prepare for Departure, when Soundwave addressed Steeljaw's Pack for the first time, Goldgear silently provided GroundBridge service from the Shadowzone.



  • The script for "Railroad Rage" called for Hi-Test to appear and steal Strongarm's Decepticon Hunter, but he had voted with his feet to leave the Mini-Cons in Soundwave's service three episodes before. Goldgear was subbed in to do the job, too late for the script to be altered, leaving Adam Beechen to confirm Goldgear's true idenity.
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