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The Vok Golden Disk is an artifact from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
VokDisk Clear

The little dude with the tree should be the official Vok insignia.

This Golden Disk (also often referred to as the Alien Disk) is of Vok origin, one of a pair of Golden Disks obtained by Megatron during the Beast Wars. It was discovered in a mountain by Inferno.

Despite its uncanny similarity to the Voyager disk, there is no known connection between the two. Its information seems only to pertain the Vok and their projects on prehistoric Earth, with no explicit reference to the distant future. Some of its outer symbols correspond directly to markings found on the Vok's constructs. Megatron and Tarantulas, through their own independent analyses of the disk, gleaned much information about the Vok and were able to predict and even subvert the aliens.


Cartoon continuity

VokDisk Monolith

Inferno makes his bid for king queen of England.

Following odd energy readings, Inferno discovered the alien disk embedded in a rotating monolith within a glowing, hollow mountain. Before the Storm He tore the disk from its recess, which caused the energy discharge to cease. Then he brought it back to Megatron, who claimed he had "long expected" to find it.

It was identical in size, shape, and color to the Voyager disk, except for the markings: several pictographic symbols which were also found on Vok constructs. These symbols could be observed to change independently of each other, fading from one to another.
VokDisk SymbolChange

Keep your eye on that lower-left symbol. Don't turn your back on it. Don't feed it after midnight.

Megatron immediately began analyzing it, even calling a truce with Primal while he focused his efforts on the disk and its implications. (Evidence strongly suggests that the disk contained information about the coming Planet Buster apocalypse.) He kept his decipherments to himself, but Tarantulas hacked into his datatrax and learned its secrets as well. And then Tigatron did the same. But in both cases, Megatron was aware of the subterfuge. In Tarantulas's case, Megatron hoped that the spider would devise his own plans, which Megatron would be able to weave into his own. And in Tigatron's case, he simply saw it as giving "bait."

After the Planet Buster's destruction, Dinobot infiltrated the Predacon base and stole the Golden Disks. Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1) He gave the Vok disk to Rhinox, and they uncovered the disk-symbol/construct-symbol congruity. Other Visits (Part 1) But it's unclear how much more information, if any, the Maximals got out of it before Megatron stole it back. He claimed it still contained secrets that only he knew, but Tarantulas countered that only he could implement them. So the two combined their efforts in anticipation of the Metal Hunter's arrival, another event they predicted from disk information.

VokDisk Interface

Apparently that's where it goes. MYSTERY SOLVED.

This apparently-unmanned Vok ship tried to subdue all the Beast Warriors. However, its power only worked on the non-Transmetallized, and Megatron approached it unfazed. A symbol on the ship matched one of the disk's markings, and when Megatron touched the latter, the MetalHunter's door opened. Inside, he placed the disk into an interface apparently made for the purpose, and after being subjected to some sort of painful energy beam, he received the command seat. His subsequent rampage might have been unstoppable, had Tarantulas not turned on him and used a virus to destroy the ship and, presumably, the disk along with it. Other Visits (Part 2)

While the physical artifact may have been lost, the information it contained - or at least information about it - had been copied into more than one datatrax. Tarantulas in particular showed an ongoing knowledge of and obsession with the Vok, and his manipulations of Tigerhawk and even the Vok themselves suggest he continued to put the disk's secrets to use. Other Victories

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