This article is about the totally evil Goldbug. For the Goldbug that's not evil at all, see Bumblebee (G1).

Goldbug is an evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass universe.

Definitely not kid-appeal

Goldbug was once a shiftless drifter named Bumblebee. Survival on the streets of Polyhex meant learning to become a sneak, a pickpocket, and blackmailer, and at these things Bumblebee excelled. When he joined Optimus Prime's brutal Autobot forces, his bravery put him on the fast track to power, and when Drench was "removed" by Prime, Bumblebee was rebuilt as Goldbug and took his place. Though he holds a high position in the Autobot hierarchy, he is extremely paranoid that he is not appreciated by his peers and will be summarily replaced.


Shattered Glass

Shattered Expectations

Goldbug led Jazz and Grimlock in a search for the ancient Pretender technology, intending to use it to give them the edge against the Decepticon insurgency. He appeared to be the leader of the trio (barely). However, their plan was foiled by the arrival of Starscream and the Mayhem Suppression Squad. Shattered Expectations



Tried starting a "Bad Bugs" club with Bug Bite and realised he was a good guy.

  • Shattered Glass (BotCon box set, 2008)
    • Accessories: Launcher, missile, key
Part of BotCon 2008's exclusive box set of five figures, Goldbug is a retool of Cybertron Hot Shot with a new head sculpt based on G1 Goldbug and a new black, yellow, and blue color scheme, bearing a little resemblance to Stealth Bumblebee. He transforms into a modified Chrysler ME Four-Twelve concept car. Plugging a Cyber Key into his trunk (his is a clear-orange Velocitron-style key with a black border) deploys transparent blue wings from his spoiler. The toy also comes with a spring-loaded missile-launching gun that can be carried in robot mode or pegged into the roof of the car mode.
His mold was also used to make Excellion and live-action movie-verse Breakaway.
Goldbug is only available as part of a set of six toys, along with Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz, Grimlock, Razorclaw and Starscream.

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