Goldar is a Beastformer from the Generation One continuity family.

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Goldar is a long-time friend of White Leo, having trained together when they were young. He grew up to become Emperor of Gunmarino, the country (one of 38 on planet Beest) that takes its name from Gunmarino Plateau, his birthplace. Apparently this made him deputy ruler under King Yellow Giraffe. When the Decepticon-backed uprising led by Alligatoron overthrew White Leo's regime, Goldar went into hiding with his forces, which he serves in as Staff Officer for land forces. He's occasionally reckless, but he's an expert melee fighter who gives his all to help repel the Decepticons from the Beastformers' planet. His powerful teeth can tear even steel or paper (no, really).

English name: Ferocious Tiger


Headmasters anime

Voice actor: Ken Yamaguchi



Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest manga

Dreamwave Generation One comics

Goldar (or possibly "Ferocious Tiger") is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the background when Razorclaw took on the invading Megatron, fighting off the Decepticon Air Warriors. Dreamwave Summer Special



  • Goldar (Beastformer, 1987)
Beast ID number: 3
Goldar is an anthropomorphic tiger with brown robotic armor. He came with his "Baton-Gol" double-sided club. His rubsign reveals one of three symbols; Fire, Water or Wood.
  • Goldar white version (Beastformer, 1987)
A solid-white version of Goldar was sold through gumball machines in Japan. The gumball versions of the Beastformers appeared to have randomized weapons (or just crummy QC).

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