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The leaders of the Earth Autobots and Decepticons finally confront each other.

Japanese title: "驚きのゴッドジンライ超神合体!"


The Decepticons appear in the city and are ready to fight the Autobots. Meanwhile, BlackZarak is approaching the orbit of Earth from space.

Giga and Mega combine their Transtectors into Overlord, making Lightfoot, Ranger and Road King suffer from his overwhelming firepower.

Fortunately, Ginrai arrives in time with Godbomber. Ginrai immediately performs God on his Transtector and combines with Godbomber to form God Ginrai. God Ginrai defeats Overlord with ease and God Ginrai heads for space to intercept BlackZarak. However, the defeated Overlord follows him to space.

Soon after meeting BlackZarak, Ginrai and the Headmaster Juniors find Chromedome, Brainstorm and several others defeated by BlackZarak. God Ginrai is beset by both BlackZarak and Overlord but spins himself to escape successfully, making Overlord and BlackZarak punch and smash each other's face. Knowing they have failed, Overlord and BlackZarak flee to Earth and the space respectively.


Featured characters

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Items of note

  • There are eyeballs in the head of Buster's Transtector.
  • Unlike the Super-God Masterforce anime, Ginrai isn't defeated by Overlord for first encounter.
  • Godbomber is piloted by the Autobot Headmaster Juniors.
  • Both Overlord and Blackzarak are mentioned as "Emperor". The writer was probably used to "Emperor" as the title of the Decepticon leader.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Super-Soul God Fire Guts (God Ginrai)
    • Grand Super-Soul Screw Bomber Escape (God Ginrai)
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