God Bomber is an Autobot drone in the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One Japan continuity family.

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God Bomber is Ginrai's personal power-up mushroom cum errands boy drone-like partner. Able to connect to Ginrai's vehicle mode trailer as a tandem trailer, God Bomber could also transport the Transtectors of Cab, Shūta Go and Minerva and most importantly, would be able to perform "Super-God Combination" with Super Ginrai, transforming him into the power-up form known as God Ginrai, giving him the strength necessary to face Black Zarak.


Generation 1

Anime Continuity

Super-God Masterforce

A trailer that takes Ginrai into space. Makes so much sense

Arriving on Earth to inform the Autobots there of the impending arrival of the Decepticon super-weapon, Black Zarak, Headmaster Pretender Grand Maximus provides them with the schematics necessary to create the non-sentient drone, God Bomber. As the so-called "Bomber Project" proceeds apace under Metalhawk's command, Super Ginrai is dealt a severe defeat at the hands of Overlord in their first battle against each other. Soon after a failed assault on the Bomber Project facility, the barely-healed Ginrai insists upon taking the fight to the Decepticons, combining with the completed God Bomber and facing Overlord and Black Zarak on the moon. With the aid of Grand Maximus, God Ginrai is able to force Black Zarak to retreat straight back into space.

During a desert battle with Overlord, God Bomber reveals the unexpected ability to transform into robot mode - God Bomber assists Ginrai during this battle after its first transformation into robot mode by overpowering Overlord with numbers - God Bomber, on its own, proves decently able to fend for itself as it demonstrates with its firepower and physical unarmed combat capabilities.

Later, the Headmaster Juniors discover that they could control God Bomber by uniting their own Chokon Power levels, matching that used by Ginrai for this controlling purpose.

With Black Zarak's return to Earth and subsequent merging with Devil Z, God Ginrai is forced into a final battle with this hybrid entity. He succeedes in decapitating him, but Black Zarak then assumes a new hydra alternate mode, which God Ginrai destroys with his God Fire Guts. With the added power of the Headmaster Juniors from within his God Bomber components, God Ginrai then executes the almighty Final Fire Guts, destroying Devil-Z once and for all. With the energy-being's destruction comes a side-effect that the Autobot human Masters there were not expecting: they are separated from their Transtectors, which continue to exist as true Transformers, having gained real personalities through their partnership with humanity. The newly-born Transformers then leave Earth with Grand Maximus and the Pretenders to pursue the surviving Decepticon forces back into the reaches of space.


Super-God Masterforce

God Bomber is a lifeless drone piloted by the Autobot Headmaster Juniors. He becomes a true Transformer with life and gains speech after the death of Devil Z - this means he is no longer a complete proper drone, reborn as now existing for himself independent of other beings operating him. The Birth of the Super Lifeforms


Generation 1

Super-God Masterforce

Alas, but for contests lost...

God Bomber was released both seperately and in a gift set together with Super Ginrai. The drone has an additional transformation by disengaging his "God Wings" module and transferring it to Super Ginrai's back for a flight mode. The most prominent feature that the toy is well-known for is its transformation into the "God Armor" to combine with Ginrai and form God Ginrai. In the USA, he was never released seperately, but was only as part of the Apex Armor Optimus Prime set.


  • A prototype which was altogether rather more spiffy than the final released version appeared on a few commercial folders and appears to have been the prize in a draw or contest, but has never been available to the greater public — the general consensus for this is probably because it would simply have become too expensive, and as such, the final version has major differences from this predecessor version.

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