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Gobots is an Autobot from the Generation 2 series.
G2 Gobots cardart

Orange you glad he's on our side?

Gobots is a tough fighter who doesn't believe in leaving a job half-done, or even nine-tenths done. He's not satisfied with anything less than 100%. Part of the Autobots' rear guard, he goes through the toughest, most hellacious battlefield conditions simply to make sure there's not a single Decepticon left standing to bring potential ruin to an Autobot victory.


Generation 2

  • Gobots (Color-Changer, 1993)
G2 Gobots toy

But sadly, he is not "cool" enough to be an actual Go-bot.

A redeco of the European-market Aquaspeeder Jetstorm, Gobots transforms into a Peugeot 405 T16 rally car. His hood section is coated in heat-sensitive paint, turning pale on contact with cold water. He has a long, water-squirting rifle that becomes his front light rack and rear spoiler in car mode. There is a variation of this accessory that uses different-sized plastic bellows.

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