Prime-toy Gob

Gob (ゴブ Gobu) is one of the many bestial Arms Microns among the Decepticon ranks.



  • Gob 1 / Gob 2 (Arms Micron, 2012)
    • ID number: 4
    • Energon Crystal: AP Shine
Gob transforms from a robot cobra into a hand-held saw-bladed axe-thing weapon. He has multiple 5mm posts and holes as part of the Arms Micron play pattern, allowing him to be combined with other Mini-Cons to form bigger and more ridiculous weapons. He comes in two different colors; "Gob 1" is solid black plastic, "Gob 2" is reddish-purple.
Gob was initially available through Gacha capsule vending machines, first appearing in early June of 2012. Gob 1 came in a clear-teal capsule, while Gob 2 came in a clear-pink capsule. On August 20 of 2012, he was released as part of the Arms Micron Gum series, though only "Gob 2" was part of this assortment.

  • Transforming Figure Collection (Bagged toy, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: AP Shine
The entire first wave of Gacha Arms Microns (including both color variations of Gob) were made available in the UK as a blindbagged line, released by Tomy and licensed by Hasbro UK, distributed through Esdevium Games. The packaging does not give any names to the Microns inside, and in fact doesn't even call them "Microns" or "Mini-Cons" or anything.

  • Gob TC (Gacha Arms Micron, March 2013)
    • ID number: 11
    • Energon Crystal: AP Shine
At the very tail-end of Prime, all twelve Gacha molds were re-released all in one go as a "Special Edition" wave through the capsule machines. The Decepticons were cast in clear-purple "Dark Energon Terrorcon Form!" versions (though they retained their paint operations and Crystal colors).


  • Gob's name is a shortening of and adding of an accent to "cobra", accomplished by dropping the last character from the Japanese spelling of the word, turning kobura (コブラ) into gobu (ゴブ). The Japanese word does not have a long "o" sound as it does in American English, and Gob's name consequently does not.

Gob Combinations

Named combination weapons including Gob:

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