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You just know this won't end well.

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The Predacons build a cannon that could destroy the Maximals, but require an organic life-form to finish the construction.


Quietly, Cheetor sneaks through the forest. He whispers his activation code to switch into his robot mode, and is ambushed by Chak, the protohuman. Cheetor laughs at his company, and the two are joined by Una, putting Cheetor in a hammer-lock. Rattrap arrives and makes fun of Cheetor's attempts to teach the primitives self-defense. Cheetor moves on to trying to instruct the kids in basic engineering principles, language, and comedy through self-abuse.

On a mountaintop, Megatron's army works to assemble a new, powerful weapon capable of destroying the Maximals, but because the "bi-polar energon source" to the device is installed before the shielding, the Predacons can't get near the machine they have erected. In order to complete the weapon, Tarantulas suggests recruiting the two educated protohumans on whom who he happens to have been spying.

Waspinator and Inferno attack the two Maximals. Waspinator captures Una and brings her back to Megatron. Depth Charge arrives to aid his two allies against Inferno, but with one of the humans captured already, Inferno retreats. The danger gone, Cheetor radios back to the Maximal base to report on the attack. Optimus calls Cheetor home and sends Depth Charge and Rattrap on a mission to retrieve the abducted child.

En route to the Predacon development, Una recalls Cheetor's self-defense lesson, and with her primitive spear, she removes several of Waspinator's wasp-mode limbs. Megatron is entirely unconcerned with the well-being of his underling, but hopes the girl is still in functional condition when she arrives. Once she is dropped off, Megatron orders the disruptor ray fired on just low enough a setting to knock Rattrap and Depth Charge out of the sky. But even at a low setting, the unfinished weapon causes harm to the Predacons, forcing Megatron to order it shut down.

Depth Charge and Rattrap crash-land in a forest, lucky to be alive, but Depth Charge is no longer flight-capable. Rattrap leaves the Manta and races off on his own to finish rescuing the damsel.

Megatron begins his plot and instructs Una on how to install the shielding that the energy weapon needs in order to function. Una experiments in using the shielding plates as both fashion accessories and cuisine, but doesn't entirely comprehend the meaning of each of his precise instructions. After a fancy screen transition to show the passing of time, Una has completed the shielding installation in an adorably haphazard manner. As a final step, she installs the stabilizer crystal.

Fly — I mean, Float Away Home

Rattrap arrives to save the girl and stop Megatron, but Dinobot II prepares to devour the intruder. Tarantulas approaches Una to kill her, too. She squashes the spider by knocking over a huge piece of machinery, but then falls off her platform. Rattrap drives through Dinobot's legs and transforms in time to catch the girl. Together, the two drive out of the Predacons' territory.

At the site where Depth Charge crashed, Una helps Rattrap unearth Depth Charge by recommending that he use a lever. With teamwork, they slide Depth Charge into a lake and then use the giant Maximal as a raft to ride away from the attacking Predacons. They escape from their pursuers by falling down a waterfall, tossing mud in Waspinator's face so he flies blindly into Inferno. The combined airborne mess of Predacons then lands on the Dinobot clone.

Megatron prepares to fire the disruptor cannon and destroy his enemies. As the massive gun charges, the Maximals prepare for the worst. But the machine malfunctions, and instead of destroying the Maximals, it explodes in place—because Una stole the stabilizer crystal. With the Predacons slagged, Una and the two Maximals float into the sunset.


Original airdate: February 18, 1999

Written by: Bob Forward

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons Others


"Sit down and keep quiet."
"Yeah, yeah, story of my life."

Cheetor and Rattrap

"My disruptor ray shall destroy them."

Megatron, proving that he really is using every trick in the book.

"Waspinator to Megatron. Waspinator has female fleshy-bot, but there is problem."
"She'd better not be injured."
"No, she injuring Waspinator."
"Ah, situation normal then. Yes."

Waspinator to Megatron, and Megatron has picked up the running gag.

"Waspinator want to re-negotiate contract!"

Waspinator, getting hacked to bits by a fleshling

Rattrap: "Hey, what are ya doin'?!"
Depth Charge: "Energon circuits...fried — no power."
Rattrap: "Ohhh, then switch to glide mode or somethin'!"
Depth Charge: "I don't have a glide mode, mouse!"
Rattrap: "But you gotta do SOMETHIN'!"
Depth Charge: "I'm open to suggestions."
Rattrap: "Oh. Okay. How 'bout we crash down into that mountains and die horrible, agonizing deaths?"

Rattrap and Depth Charge's discussion before they crash down into that mountains and die horrible, agonizing deaths. Or not.

Rattrap: "I ain't dead."
Depth Charge: "This day is just full of disappointments."
Rattrap: "So, uh, how are you doing there, Charlie Tuna? Them energon circuits still sizzled?"
Depth Charge: "They'll recover. Just dig me out."
Rattrap: "Heh, and leave me exposed to Pred fliers? Ha ha, NO way. You just lie there and get yer juice back."
Depth Charge: "Where are you goin'?"
Rattrap: "Hey, this is still a rescue mission, remember?"
(Rattrap races off.)
Depth Charge: "Marvelous."
(A butterfly lands on Depth Charge and stares at him.)
Depth Charge: "What are YOU looking at?"

Depth Charge's sentiments on the aftermath of the crash

Megatron: "Finish installing that shielding plate."
(Una picks up the plate.)
Megatron: "There. Put it on those bolts."
(Una balances the plate on her head.)
Megatron: (chuckling) "Yes." (laughing) "Yes, there. Oh for the love..."
(Una tries to eat the plate.)
Megatron: "No no no." (Annoyed) "Right there! Do you understand?!"
(Una puts plate in its place)
Megatron: "Now, use the wrench to fasten it down."
Una: (holding a bone) "Wr-wr-wreh-wruh-wr-wrench?"
Megatron: "Oh, the WRENCH you imbecilic anthropoid!"
Una: "Wrench?"
Megatron: "YES! That-THAT THING! USE IT!"
(Una uses the wrench as a hammer.)
Megatron: "Oh, whatever."

Megatron learning why kids just aren't popular.

Depth Charge: "Ow! Careful, you moronic mouse!"
Rattrap: "Hey, if you can ride a little steadier, maybe I can steer better."
Depth Charge: "You couldn't steer a garbage scow."
Rattrap: "Yeah, like a floatin' flounder's any better."

Rattrap and Depth Charge during escape

"The disruptor cannon is now operational. And as it happens, our targets are right in line with the Maximal base. We shall destroy both in a single, glorious onslaught of energon devastation!"


"You better bail, sister. 'Cause the ray won't hurt ya, (panicked) but our exploding bodies might!"

Rattrap tells Una to run for her life

Depth Charge: "You know, those Preds are probably slagged and helpless back there, we oughta go finish 'em off."
Rattrap: "In case you haven't noticed, Scales, we ain't exactly in fighting trim ourselves. I say we go home."
Depth Charge: "Why am I not surprised?"
Rattrap: "Say, uh, Una, (points his gun at Depth Charge's head) Cheetor ever showed you my recipe for fried flounder?"
(Depth Charge hits Rattrap with his tail.)

Depth Charge and Rattrap, as they float back home with Una


  • This episode was used in place of the planned episode "Dark Glass".
  • The moral of the episode is, effectively, "It's good to steal."
  • When Rattrap rescues Una from falling, Silverbolt's 'rescue' theme plays.
  • Rampage does not appear in this episode.
  • After Megatron realizes that the energon powering his weapon affects all Cybertronians, his computer screen displays the words "screamin rocks" and then "fire a big gun in a mountain" in Cybertronix.
  • Later, his screen says "hot stuff", as well as the names "Derek", "Nikki" and "Dawn" while showing the simulated effects of a blast.
  • Brilliant that Waspinator collapsed into a pile of rubbish right after arriving at the site, and got zapped while he was sill a pile of rubbish. Combine that with a prior zapping due to Inferno's blunder (See Trivia, below), and getting defeated by mere MUD (!), and you have a bad day for old Waspinator for the umpteenth and - oh who's keeping count anymore. It's hard to tell which day was the worst for Waspinator: today, or the fiasco in Feral Scream Part 1.

Technical/Animation Glitches

  • When Rattrap says, "...and die horrible, agonising deaths!" before they crash into the forest, Depth Charge is also mouthing the words!
  • When Depth Charge hits the rocks at the base of the waterfall (immediately before Dinobot II says 'Target immobilized!'), his right flipper very briefly clips through another nearby rock.
  • When Cheetor begins firing at the Predacons, his blaster/jet engine is in his hand and on his back at the same time.

Continuity errors

  • Dinobot II slices Rattrap's tail, but later it seems to be full-length as Rattrap uses it to paddle Depth Charge.

Transformers references

  • Rattrap's interaction with Depth Charge is somewhat reminiscent of his ongoing rivalry with the then-recently deceased Dinobot.

Real-world references

  • Some lines such as "This Bot tries for positive programming." "Time to change channels, frisky!" are references to human television.
  • Rattrap calls Depth Charge "Charlie Tuna", a reference to the mascot of the StarKist Tuna company.


  • Why didn't Inferno just wait until Waspinator had finished installing the shielding plate before plugging in the main power source?
  • When Depth Charge leaves the CR chamber, there is some blinking green Cybertronix text which then switches to solid red. Translated to English, it reads "f**k" (green) "you" (red.) Oddly, the text is upside down.
  • Rattrap gives his opinion of education in this episode.

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