Go for Unicron! is the sixteenth episode of Energon. It first aired in the United States on July 03, 2004 on Cartoon Network.



Rodimus rescues Scorponok, while the Autobots launch a powerful new starship.


Megatron recalls Scorponok's torture as the bait for a trap for Alpha Q. Trapped against the planet's energon grid, Scorponok screams in agony. Alpha Q observes and frets, promising that if it continues they will rescue him.

From Midway Gate Station 8, Carlos contacts Optimus. He's tracking the two Terrorcons that Ironhide tagged; they're light years apart, in two different planetary systems. The Autobots suspect their enemy has two bases.

Megatron and Starscream are growing bored waiting for a response for their trap, when a ship approaches. Aboard, Prowl and Landmine voice concerns about Rodimus's plan to rescue Scorponok, but nevertheless refuse to let him go out solo.

The ship lands near Scorponok's position, and is intercepted by Starscream. A battle between him and the three Autobots ensues. Megatron and his troops arrive and attack; he trades words with Rodimus, revealing that they've clashed before. The fight continues. Rodimus combines with Prowl, and the three 'bots capably hold their own against Megatron's troops. When even Megatron takes a fall, he orders his damaged troops to retreat.

Rodimus offers to transport the injured Scorponok back to his planet, eliciting surprise from the Decepticon. Alpha Q speaks, warning that Rodimus cannot be trusted.

On the moon, Dr. Jones presents a new craft he's developed: the Miranda II, a massive, highly durable vessel powered by its own energon tower, allowing the Autobots to expand their search for energon. Prime assembles his team, which to Kicker's surprise includes Misha. The ship launches. Its first mission is to destroy two transmitters "placed on either end of the planetary system", thereby destroying Unicron.

The Decepticons detect the ship, and move to respond. The Miranda II deploys its energon ring, generating a space bridge, but the Decepticons arrive and prepare to attack. Misha prepares to deploy the ship's energon shield, but Snowcat damages the energon ring before the space bridge can be activated. The Omnicons, the only ones capable of handling the energon, deploy to repair it, while the Autobots engage the Decepticons.

Ironhide defends the Omnicons, but accidentally knocks Snowcat into them, leaving them dazed. Kicker volunteers to head out and repair the space bridge. He suits up and heads into the explosive battlefield... only to immediately lose control and go tumbling head over heels.

The Autobots coach him into regaining control, and Kicker sets to the repairs while Ironhide holds off Starscream. The bridge is repaired, and Misha activates both the bridge and the energon shield. As an alarmed Ironhide and Demolishor both watch, the rapidly expanding shield grows toward Optimus and Megatron, who are engaged in battle. Demolishor flies in to push his leader aside, and is caught by the field. As a bright light engulfs him, Ironhide flashes back to their time on Earth together, and... rather calmly notes that they'd better get going.

Demolishor begins to disintegrate, vows that Prime will pay for this, then explodes. Ironhide watches and again notes that they should get in the ship, which he does backward. A small glowing spark descends from the explosion, landing in the palm of Megatron's hands. He leads his remaining troops away, while the Miranda II heads into the warp gate.

Amid a somber atmosphere on the bridge, Prime thanks Kicker for his help; Kicker modestly shrugs it off, thanks Misha for her help, and notes that there's still a lot more work ahead. As Ironhide gazes out the windows at the passing space, nobody much notices that their former comrade just died.


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English dub changes


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"Oh my! We simply must help Scorponok!"
"Don't worry. He will survive. But if it continues, we must rescue him."
"But what if it's one of Megatron's traps?!"
"Quit your worrying!"
"I can't help it! You know I have a soft spot for Scorponok!"
"Be patient. We won't leave him to perish."

Alpha Q monologues

"Hang in there Kicker! Just use your body to control your momentum HEYYYYYY! You gotta do what I say, you understand?....Use your body, Kicker! It'll help you move in zero gravity!"

Ironhide speaks in run-on sentences. Nonsensical run-on sentences.

"Just look what you've done to me. You will pay for this, Prime! Mark my words, you'll pay."

Demolishor's' last words before exploding.


Ironhide's "reaction" to the death of his old comrade Demolishor


Lost in translation

  • The original mission is simply to investigate the system where the transmitters have been located -- not to destroy the transmitters! In Superlink, Prime then vows that they won't return until they've destroyed Unicron. The dub somehow skews this into a statement that destroying the transmitters will also destroy Unicron.
  • Ironhide's nonsense about "using your body" was originally a "you are not alone" pep talk.
  • In what may be the single worst dubbing gaffe in the entire series, everyone's reactions to Demolishor's death are completely wiped away:
    • In Super Link, the flashback to Demolishor on Earth is the moment that Ironhide realizes that Demolishor has been caught by the energon grid. In Energon, since nobody seems to notice Demolishor's plight, it comes off as completely random.
    • Demolishor's "you'll pay for this" was originally an entreaty to Ironhide to remember him, along with a last "rookie" pot shot.
    • Megatron's "this is far from over" was originally a quiet salute to Demolishor's final act.
    • Ironhide's anguished yells of Demolishor's name are entirely replaced by him urging the others to board the Miranda II.
  • The ending conversation on the bridge is somewhat reduced in impact, with Misha originally mentioning Kicker's fear of space, and he saying that he thinks he's moved on from it.

Pain count

  • "Uh?": 13
  • Stock footage: 2
  • We need/they want energon: 2
  • It's time to: 4
  • We've gotta: 1
  • (Let's) Do it/this: 7
  • "Gimme a break": 1
  • Aw man: 1

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Ironhide is shown reporting to Kicker with Strongarm's voice.
  • When Optimus is about to announce his final addition to his crew, he is placed behind everyone else, making him appear huge, or making his crew appear tiny.
  • When Skyblast tells Hot Shot he can fix the energon ring, Strongarm responds to him with Hot Shot's voice.

Continuity errors

  • Last episode ended with both the comet and Scorponok apparently annihilated against the energon grid. Now, suddenly, Scorponok's alive and well, strapped to a board on the moon.

Other Notes

  • In a typical case of Energon's sluggish space opera plot pacing, the first 1/3rd of this episode has nothing at all to do with the other 2/3rds.
  • Kicker seems quite disappointed that his girlfriend is coming along. This could be because of Kicker's fear of cooties.









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