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Go Prime (ゴウプライム Gō Puraimu) is an ancient Swordbot possessing the power of both the Samurai and the Ninja. He is referred to as a "sword master", and it was he who trained both the Swordbot Samurai Team and the Swordbot Shinobi Team. He possesses the ability to manipulate space-time, and is capable of appearing at any time or place. He can even use this power to transport the sparks of other Transformers across interstellar distances. While he can only fight for short periods of time due to overexposure to the black legendisc, his combat ability surpasses that of the other Swordbots.

His Mini-Con partner is Go.


TFGo Go Prime Stock


  • Go Prime (2013-12-21)
    • Japanese ID number: G25
    • Accessories: Two swords, beast-leg/blade
Part of the TakaraTomy Go! toyline, Go Prime is a redeco of Thundertron, transforming into a mechanical lion. His right robot mode foot can detach to reveal a bladed "peg-leg", with the original foot converting into a claw-weapon. He also comes with a redeco of the twin swords that originally came with Kenzan, which he can hold or plug into his beast mode's hip/wings.
This toy was also redecoed into Leo Prime and Alpha Trizer.
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