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Released in 1995, the Generation 2 Go-Bots are small 1:64-scale Transformers cars, the same size as "Matchbox" and "Hot Wheels" brand cars. In fact, Go-Bots were developed to be used with tracks and playsets from those brands, sharing the same smooth-rolling axle/wheel construction that lets the toys be quickly zipped along smooth surfaces.

During Generation 2, three different sets of Go-Bots were released. The initial set consisted of

The second set was largely the same, replacing all of the transparent plastics with opaques of the same colors. Firecracker and Blowout were replaced by Optimus Prime and Megatron in this set.

As was the case for most of late Generation 2, the complete set of six were completely redecoed and made into new versions of returning Generation One characters.

These molds were later re-used as the Spy Changers for Robots in Disguise.

For BotCon 1995, an exclusive redeco of High Beam was released as Nightracer.


A second set of six new molds were developed for late Generation 2. Though four of these toys had been given complete paint jobs and were apparently ready to be released, the Generation 2 line was ended before they could be released. One of them appears to be a new form for the Generation One Decepticon Rumble, as the toy had a tampograph with "Rumble" on its side.

These same four molds would later finally see retail release in the Robots in Disguise line, then later as Generation One characters for the Universe line.

The remaining two molds appear to have been separated from the sprues during the original development cycle, and it is likely they may never see release.

An early prototype of a Go-Bot "Racing Rig" has surfaced, with a proposed redeco of Gearhead as Greasepit. All information suggests this toy never made it past the hand-made, hand-painted state.

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