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Go, Team, Go! is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy.


Whirl tries to teach the Recruits cheerleading routines believing it will inspire them on their rescues. They're not interested until they realize she's taught them a valuable lesson in teamwork.


Overseen by Blades, the recruits attempt to rescue Mister Pettypaws from a tree. Hoist's attempt to hook his winch onto the tree results in the cat falling, but fortunately it's only a simulation. Wedge suggests that Blades's "screaming" was distracting, but he objects as he was merely cheering them on. Blades explains cheer-leading, and Whirl thinks it's a great idea to apply to the recruits to get them working more as a team.

Whirl later calls the recruits together for cheer practice. She runs through the routine she's worked out, but the others are slow to pick it up. She breaks out the pom-poms as a learning aid, but the recruits start falling over each other, which descends into bickering. Their attempt at forming a human pyramid collapses, at which point the others decide they have other things they need to do. Blades checks in to find Whirl disappointed that it didn't go well.

The rescue alarm sounds and the team assembles in the GroundBridge room, where Blades informs them that they'll be evacuating humans from a flood while he and the other Rescue Bots attempt to stop the rising water. The recruits start leading humans to safety, but briefly get confused about which way they're meant to be going. Then they realize there's a little girl still in one of the buildings under threat. Hot Shot attempts to rescue the girl, but she refuses to leave as she can't find her stuffed bunny. With the water rising, the other recruits bring the bunny. The girl's still too frightened to make her own way out of the house, so the recruits form a pyramid and rescue her through the window.

Back at base, the other recruits demonstrate to Whirl how they've been practicing their cheer-leading.

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