Commander Gnaw was a Sharkticon and the direct subordinate of General Tyrannicon.


Transformers: Retribution

Like the rest of the Sharkticon occupation force on Aquatron, he was employed to capture the Ark Crew and Nemesis Crew members who had landed on the planet, and later left in charge of planetary defense while Tyrannicon led the invasion of Cybertron. Unfortunately for Gnaw, he would be forced to deal with the Autobots and Decepticons who had remained aboard their ships. However, his end would come at the hands of his fellow Sharkticons, who-after Megatron gained control of them through a replica of the Matrix of Leadership-opened fire on Gnaw's command tank and destroyed him.

Background Information

  • Gnaw is named for a Sharkticon featured in various Generation 1 media.
  • It is possible, given that he apparently wasn't susceptible to Megatron's control, that Gnaw was an artificial Sharkticon created by the Quintessons like Tyrannicon, but this was neither confirmed or rebutted in Transformers: Retribution.
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