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Glyph is an Autobot from the Expanded Universe series.


One of the brightest minds of Cybertron, Glyph is an expert in data decryption, languages, and forensic science. She has a highly exacting eye for even the most minute detail, and a near-insatiable desire to learn more about alien cultures, current and past. To her, being stranded on an alien planet among its people is a boon, not a curse. She has a tendency to come across as bit stuffy, but she seems sociable enough.

She possesses little to nothing in the way of combat abilities, however, and as such is usually accompanied by her "bodyguard" Tap-Out or other more battle-oriented Autobots. Her vehicle mode also has trouble handling the rough terrain she usually finds herself in when on a research mission.


3H Universe: The Wreckers comics

Though she was not the captain of the Sojourner's Passage, she was more or less the leader of the party of Autobots that manned it. She dismissed Archa Nine as a suitable location for a survey point, but felt the planet to be worth investigating at a later date. However, the ship was suddenly hit by a high-powered data pulse that shorted out its systems and sent the ship crashing to the planet's surface. Only Glyph and Tap-Out appear to have survived.

The two spent the next three hundred years among the native Akalouthans of the planet, who had in their possession a crystal called the Divine Light, an artifact able to provide power for the two Autobots. Glyph spent that time researching the legends of the Akalouthan culture, focusing mainly on the arcane edict that the Divine Light must never fall into the hands of "the five-faced demons", and the myth that a force would arrive to protect it from them. When the Wreckers arrived on Archa Nine, Glyph realized that what she had dismissed as superstition was actually an accurate prediction from over a millennium before.

When the Divine Light was stolen by Cyclonus, Glyph remained on Archa Nine, believing her place was with the Akalouthans, continuing to study their culture and the Divine Light's legends. She was joined by CatSCAN, who stayed behind as well to care for the seriously injured Predacons Fractyl and Rotorbolt. She said what may have been her final goodbye to Tap-Out, insisting that his skills were better employed with the Wreckers, and believing that CatSCAN would be able to provide any protection they might need, especially once his charges were fully repaired.


Expanded Universe

  • Glyph (Mini Vehicle keychain, 2002)
Expanded Universe Glyph was an exclusive to BotCon 2002, coming with a free copy of The Wreckers comic issue #2 (as technically, 3H was not allowed to sell comics at the time). She uses the Fun4All keychain version of the Bumblebee mold, transforming into a "penny-racer"-proportioned Volkwagen Beetle. She was later made available (still with copies of the comic) on 3H's website store.
The same mold (without the keychain alteration) is used for Bug Bite and Volks.

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