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Glitch is the tenth episode of the first season of Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy.


Medix's dedication to logic comes in useful after he learns a glitch trick from one of the computer simulations.


The recruits experience an earthquake in a simulation of Griffin Rock. Once the shaking stops, everyone starts looking for humans in need of rescuing. Wedge wishes all humans behaved like the simulations, which confuses Medix as the simulated humans are all behaving perfectly logically so why wouldn't the real ones do the same? When a fallen girder starts glitching, Whirl reasons that they just need to do something unexpected, and moves another nearby girder, causes the glitched girder to disappear and allowing her to rescue a dog. The recruits celebrate a successful rescue, but Medix believes it doesn't count because the sim was glitching. The rescue alarm goes off and the recruits join Heatwave and Cody for a briefing—a delivery truck carrying explosive canisters has overturned in Griffin Rock.

Cody accompanies the team as they head to the accident site, and they quickly come up with a plan... which they immediately have to discard as the explosive cans come loose and start rolling down the street towards them. Cody sends Medix and Whirl to evacuate the area and the others to collect up the cans, which they do by making a competition of it. Medix attempts to instruct some humans to keep calm as canisters roll towards them, and is confused when they instead panic and run off. Soon the majority of the cans have been collected up, but Whirl spots the last two heading towards a bridge. They explode partway across, resulting in a huge hole in the bridge, from which a car ends up hanging precariously.

The car turns out to be too unstable for Whirl to rescue the occupants from the air, so the recruits put their thinking caps on. Hoist tries driving out onto the bridge, but it begins crumbling under him. While Cody tries to reach his dad, the recruits continue to think on the problem and Medix, recalling their adventure in the sim earlier, decides they have to do something illogical to solve the problem. He quickly comes up with a plan. First Wedge and Hoist make the bridge crumble further, causing the car to fall, at which point it's snagged by one of the bridge's cables. With it thus steadied, Whirl and Cody swoop in and extract the baby and dog from the back seat. The car falls into the river, however Hot Shot is on hand in his hovercraft mode to tow the car safely to shore. Heatwave arrives in time to see the humans have all been safely rescued, and the team returns to the truck so they can get it back on its wheels. Wedge and Hoist find two more cans still in the truck, meaning they won the competition.

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