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Glit is a Decepticon from the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I'm a doctor, not a pop idol.

Glit is a former Decepticon turned Autobot doctor equipped with hip-mounted multipurpose medical toolboxes and highly precise laser scalpels, but no actual weaponry. Kind but stubborn, he is the best surgeon the Decepticons have. Unusually for his allegiance, he's compassionate enough to treat any wounded robot he comes across, regardless of their faction. It is said that when he appears on a battlefield, neither side will win, because no warriors will die. Needless to say, this has created friction with Megatron, who once ordered Glit's forelegs cut off to punish him for treating a wounded Autobot commander. The protests of his fellow Decepticons succeeded in changing their leader's mind. After a while he saw the true evil of the Decepticons and left them defecting to the Autobots as one of Blasters cassettes

Unlike other cassette Transformers, Glit does not transform into an audio tape, but rather a head-cleaning cassette.

Glit likes to get loaded on Energon wine and sing.


Kiss Players Position

*hic* Lemmie at that microphone!

After the E.D.C.'s anti-electron field was removed, Transformers were once again able to visit the planet Earth. Glit was reluctantly pressed into service as a member of the newly-formed singing group "Kiss Players", which also included the humans Marissa Faireborn, Shao-Shao Li and Atari Hitotonari and the Transformers Sundor and Rosanna. Although he claimed not to enjoy singing, the others knew that when he got drunk enough, he'd change his tune.

The Kiss Players kicked off a world tour. At their Brave Maximus Fortress concert, a trio of mysterious Sparkbots suddenly appeared, claiming to be servants of Primus, and told the three humans to kiss them. When they did, the humans and fortress were transported away through time, leaving the three cassettes behind, where they shared in the adventures of Teletraan 15.

15 Go! Go! comics

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Kiss Players

  • Cassettron Set Kiss Players Position (Multi-pack, 2006)
A redeco of the Ravage mold, Glit transforms from a microcassette that can fit into the tape door of the Soundwave and Blaster toys to a robot jaguar. He was available only in an e-Hobby exclusive set with Rosanna and Sundor, which also came with a bonus music CD.
This mold was also used to make Howlback.
Note: The Cassettron set was released during the second week of March 2007.


  • Glit's deco was created by Yui Kano, the voice actress for Kiss Players character Shaoshao Li and for Glit himself.
  • The name "Glit" seems to be a shortening of the word "glitter". Given the fact he's a singer and the young look of the Kiss Players, this has some UNFORTUNATE IMPLICATIONS.
  • Glit is also the first Decepticon toy with a specific "doctor" function. The Constructicon Hook's medic-ness is debatable, being a "surgical engineer".
  • The Kiss Players Cassettrons are the only Japan-release Mini-Cassettes to not have the additional clear-plastic "tape case" accessories.

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