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"SHUT UP GRANDMA!" -Glen talking to his grandma

Glen Whitmann is a human from the Movie continuity family.

OH NOES! It's Freddy Krueger!

Glen Whitmann is an expert hacker and computer hardware technician.... who lives with his grandma.

A colossal dork, and still a virgin, he spends his days playing Dance Dance Revolution with his cousin, living under the shouty regime of his grandmother, and can tell quickly the difference between an attack by Freddy Krueger and one by Wolverine. He breaks almost instantly under pressure, but when he's really scared, is still capable of working his technological magic.

His biggest piece of advice: Eat all the donuts. If you don't touch them, they think you're guilty.

How in the hell he knows a hottie like Maggie Madsen is anyone's guess.


Transformers (2007 film)

Actor: Anthony Anderson (English) Wataru Takagi (Japanese-language dub voice)

It was the beginning of a bad day for Glen when his game of Dance Dance Revolution is interrupted by his improbably attractive friend Maggie. Just her walking into his 'private area of zen and peace' without any advanced notice was enough trouble for poor Glen, but adding more pressure to it with his foul-tempered grandmother's meddling, which only made his day even worse (So much for zen and peace). At first, he was reluctant to end the game session with his cousin until Maggie told him she possessed highly classified data that would land her in jail for the rest of her life if the authorities found out. His curiosity piqued, Glen proceeded to hack into the data, discovering images and files about something called Project: Iceman and an organization named Sector Seven. In the code itself, he discovered strange symbols. Before they could view any more information, an FBI assault team crashed through the front door, prompting Glen's cousin to break out of the back door in a bid to escape, but is tackled into the swimming pool by an FBI agent. As he and Maggie are handcuffed, Glen cries out that nobody treads on his grandma's carpet, especially the po-lice.

While in an FBI holding room, Glen eats a plate of donuts, telling Maggie that she shouldn't worry, the FBI were going to play 'Good cop/Bad cop', and the donuts were a test. He theorizes that a guilty person would not touch the donuts, while an innocent man would eat them, and he's eaten the entire plate. He concludes that all they need to do is stick up for each other and they'll be fine. As soon as the interrogation agents arrive, making it wordlessly clear that the pair are both in a lot of trouble by placing a folder of information on the table, Glen suddenly cries out that its all Maggie's fault, she's the one who brought him the data, and that he was just playing video games with his cousin. He further reveals that he is a virgin, and that the worst he has done is download a few thousand songs off the internet, but who hasn't? After being told to shut up by Maggie, he exclaims that a criminal such as herself shouldn't talk to him, then quickly sits down to recover from the sugar rush while Maggie explains what she was trying to accomplish.

That isn't Freddy Kreuger...

Later, as Glen was recovering from his donut binge with a bottle of Pepto Bismol, Secretary of Defense Keller barges into the room, announcing that Maggie was coming with him as an adviser. Glen inquired about himself, prompting the confused Keller to ask who he was. Maggie replied that Glen was her adviser. Keller allowed him to come along. Soon, they were in a helicopter with two teenagers who were also on board for some reason. The boy broke the awkward silence, prompting Maggie to ask what did the government get them in for. To Glen's astonishment, the boy, Sam, replied that he bought a car that turned out to be an alien robot.

During the big Mexican stand-off between the US Military Special Ops Team, and the Sector Seven Guards, Glen stood by fearfully with his hands in the air, as though he was being held hostage.

When the Iceman thawed, Secretary Keller, Agent Simmons, and Maggie managed to get an old radio, unfortunately, it had no microphones. Maggie suggested that Glen wire a computer to the radio and use that as an interface, using Keller's authorization codes as confirmation. Despite an attack by a tiny killer robot, Glen was able to link up with the military. Transformers (film)

Transformers Mix & Match book

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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"Soon, the Rainbow of Light will be mine! AHAHAHAHA - uh. *whinny*"

  • Glen Whitmann's pre-production name was Glenn Ross Dygert.
  • In Transformers: The Movie Storybook, Glen is inexplicably white. Also, he has a My Little Pony. This is a leftover element from when artist Marcelo Matere, working with early and sparse information, thought Glen was a female character.
  • The role of Glen was initially offered to Patton Oswalt, but he had already committed to another film. [1] He hasn't said what movie it was. If it was Balls of Fury, he's probably kicking himself.
  • Glen's intelligence must be higher than anyone else's on Earth, given that he has a computer that can decipher the cybertronian language, let alone hack government code. Either that or he bought it from HP. In the novel, Glen didn't decipher the code, he was merely able to access the files Frenzy had stolen which were embedded inside it.
  • A part of the scene where Glen is trying to contact the military for help while Frenzy is attacking was apparently cut out of the film. Footage from this part can be seen in trailers and TV spots when Glen is shown yelling, "The killer robot is really distracting!"
  • In the movie novel, it's shown he knows Maggie from work he likes her in a romantic way for a while, but she doesn't reciprocate until the end when she takes his hand after Frenzy is killed.
  • In the novel, Keller doesn't need to tell Glen his code: Glenn knows it already along with a bunch of other codes he's hacked. While Keller would normally send him to prison for that, he forgives him as Glenn's knowledge is crucial at that point. Also, Glen is the one who got to decide what to put into that message: Keller told him to call in the air strike once the authorization code was accepted and to put what happened into his own words.

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