We just can't hate that smile.

Glen Hallit was one of three organizers of BotCon from 1997 to 2002. Along with the Hartman Bros, (Jon and Karl), he formed 3H Enterprises, following what the three believed was a disappointing 1996 convention run by Men in Black Productions.

After a controversial split from the Hartmans in 2002, Hallit became the sole organizer of the convention. Glen continued to run the "OTFCC" (Official Transformers Collectors' Club, also "Official Transformers Collectors Convention," the new name of the convention - the trademarked "BotCon" was owned by Jon Hartman) for several years. Following a series of financial misfortunes and business disagreements with Hasbro, Hallit lost the rights to organize the convention in 2004. Those rights have since been picked up by Fun Publications.

While Glen ran BotCon and OTFCC, he was involved in every single facet of the convention, including directing the fiction that accompanied the exclusive toys he helped design. He wrote the script to Wreckers #1 ("Departure"), and helped plot the stories that followed, including Universe. Clearly a man of ideas, he pitched far more ideas than he could possibly produce, and found inspiration for color schemes in the most mundane of everyday objects. (While developing a set of exclusive Cyberjets for OTFCC 2004 that did not end up being produced, one was to be the color of his translucent green stapler.)

(It was a very pretty stapler.)

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