Glen's grandmama is a human in the Movie continuity family.

She's due for her prune juice.

Glen's grandmama is the grandmother of Glen Whitmann and his cousin. She is rather hot-tempered and dislikes Glen playing video games.

"Are you playing those video games AGAIN?!"
―Grandmama should have drank her prune juice, Transformers (film)


Transformers (2007 film)

Actor: Esther Scott (English)

Glen's grandmother is at home with Glen and his cousin when Maggie Madsen visits to show Glen some classified data she stole from the Pentagon. Glen's Grandmother shouts to Glen to find out who is visiting, but Glen responds by telling her to shut-up and drink her prune juice. As Glen and Maggie check the data, Glen's grandmother walks in and demands to know if he is playing video games again. The FBI suddenly breaks and apprehends everyone, Glen's cousin attempting to escape through the back window. It's evident that grandmama's carpet is extremely valuable as Glen tells the FBI to get off his grandmama's carpet. She don't like nobody on the carpet. Especially poh-leece. Transformers

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