Glen's Cousin is a human in the Movie continuity family.

I don't care whether you're his cousin, you still need a bath!!

Glen's cousin lives with Glen, obviously, and their grandmother. Glen's cousin enjoys doing wacky dances to Dance Dance Revolution and dislikes it when his cousin's troublesome friend shows up to ruin the fun. He hates even more when the police or FBI show up.

"I'm just a cousin! I'm just a cousin!"
―Glen's cousin verifies his significance in Transformers (film)


Transformers (2007 film)

Actor: Omar Benson Miller

Glen and his cousin were dancing to the video game Dance Dance Revolution, when Maggie came to visit after stealing classified data from the Pentagon. Upon learning this, Glen paused the game to view the data and asked his cousin to step outside and wait in the hall while he looked at the data. However, moments after Glen and Maggie find the information in the data, including Sector Seven, Archibald Witwicky and Project Iceman, FBI agents burst in.

Glen's cousin instinctively panicked and raced through the house screaming while he was pursued by two FBI agents. In order to escape them, Glen's cousin smashed his way through the living room's window and rushed out in the backyard, but was caught up to by the agents. Screaming that he is just a cousin, one tackles him, causing them to fall into the swimming pool. And to think he was having such a good time. Transformers


  • The subtitles say that he is named Omar, after his actor. Whether or not this is canon is unknown.
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