Glacius is a Decepticon-Mini-Con who is partnered with Swelter and allied himself with Razorpaw.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2

Swelter and Glacius regularly teamed up with Decepticons. They were imprisoned on the Alchemor only to be freed when the ship crashed on Earth. There they teamed up with Razorpaw, despite the fact he treated them poorly. When Optimus Prime's team appeared on the hunt for Razorpaw, they attacked the former Autobot leader and even defeated Drift's Mini-Cons Jetstorm and Slipstream, but retreated when faced by the other Autobots. They brought the team of trackers to Razorpaw's attention, and accompanied him as he followed them to a military base where the pair succeeded in trapping Drift, Drift's Mini-Cons, and Sideswipe in a metal cocoon. They followed that up by taking out Optimus himself, but it turned out Optimus had been feigning, and while the pair (mostly Swelter argued with Razorpaw), Optimus took them all out by incapacitating Razorpaw and smashing two military vehicles into Glacius and Swelter, thus leaving them unconscious as well.


Glacius seems to be more composed and positive in contrast to his partner Swelter, though he is still a brutal Mini-Con in battle.

He's also somewhat sarcastic, as he said to Drift that he would turn off his audio receptors "permanently".


  • The voice of Glacius, Yuri Lowenthal, also voices Ben Tennyson and Albedo in Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • Like Swelter, Glacius can manipulate temperature. In his case- cold. Thus, he has elemental control over ice.
  • Glacius is a play on for glacier. This is a nod because of Glacius' cryokinesis.


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