Gizmo is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Bright light! Bright light!

Gizmo is famous for his, well, gizmos. His best (okay, only) known gizmo is his holomatter projector. He transforms into a little Cybertronic dunebuggy.

He likes to die.

Note: It is unknown whether the two instances of "Gizmo" being a named Autobot are of the same character. As the first was never seen, and both instances are from writer Simon Furman, it's likely —but not definitely proven— the latter instance is a reference to the first, despite the different continuities.



Cram it, I'm callin' Slade.

Dreamwave comics continuity

The Decepticons Frenzy and Rumble mention Gizmo as one of the various Autobot casualties while enjoying some downtime, getting to the "G"s in tallying up the known dead. The Age of Wrath issue 3

IDW comics continuity

Gizmo was one of the Autobots in Hot Rod's first command, along with Backbeat, Dealer, and Download, assigned on a mission to the Omega Bunker on Ki-Aleta. Gizmo was responsible for setting up his holomatter projector program to disguise their arrival.

Unfortunately, he also received the dubious honor of becoming the first casualty under Hot Rod's first command when the Omega Bunker's guardians destroyed his holoprogram and killed him to death. He wouldn't be the last. Spotlight #3 Hot Rod

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