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Gilmer, or Old Gil as he calls himself, just has no luck. No matter how hard he tries to make a sale he always comes up short. But he always remains positive that on the next one, he'll seal the deal!

Italian TV dub name: Reptilo



Super-God Masterforce anime

Voice actor: Masaharu Satō (Japanese)

Lorelai splits in half to reveal a killer space robot.

Gilmer's myriad misadventures began when he and the other Decepticon Pretenders crashed on Earth eight thousand years ago, after a space-borne scuffle with their Autobot counterparts. The Pretenders, possessing the miraculous ability to shrink down to human size and disguise themselves with what appears to be hard-light holograms, or perhaps solid shadows, took on forms in order to blend in with their new environment. The Autobots took on the appearances of the humans, and subtly guided the development of early man, while the Decepticon's disguises were much more monstrous in nature. in fact it is said that they were the inspiration for the various demons that plagued pre-industrial society. Gilmer in particular took the form of an aquatic monster of some sort, and seems to be the inspiration for the numerous beasts that prowled the murky depths in the imagination of the unenlightened sailors of old. Gilmer and the other Decepticon Pretender's malicious misbehavior was eventually thwarted by the Autobots and they were sealed in three different prisons around the ancient world. Gilmer's prison seemed to be Atlantis, or another sunken ruin of the same nature.

Gilmer seems to have some sexist prejudice against Mega, or her clear strong will, self-interest and playing favorites (as opposed to Giga's cold interest in their overall goals). Mega has phenomenal hearing, however, and pays him back for his implication that she's a hysterical woman by having Cancer use him as a training dummy.

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Super-God Masterforce

  • Gilmer (Pretender, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: D-203
    • Accessories: Sword, gun, shield, belt

He will show Popeye who's the "sailor man"

Gilmer transforms into a cybertronic submarine thing that's vague and purple. His gun is mounted on the back. As with most Pretenders, Gilmer has a rather generic looking robot mode with no distinct details and is rather monochromatic, but less so than his mostly purple vehicle mode. His outer Pretender Shell is a sea creature guy with gills, a head-mounted dorsal fin, and scales. The shell wields Submarauder's sword and gun.
This toy was released in Hasbro's markets as Submarauder.
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