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This article is about the Powermaster. For the Godmaster, see Overlord (Masterforce).

This article is about the American PVC. For the Japanese name for RID Megatron, see Megatron (RID).

Gigatron is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

"I am tired of these jokes about my giant hand. The first such incident occurred in 1956, when..."

Autobots quake in fear when Gigatron thunders on to the battlefield. This double-Powermaster is an amalgation of the deadliest Decepticon weaponry known, powerful enough to inhibit the regenerative abilities of his opponents, and able to supply his fellow Decepticons with an endless arsenal produced by his internal arms factory.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Gigatron was an ancient Cybertronian, responsible for the creation of the Powermaster process. More Than Meets The Eye issue 8

IDW comics continuity

Dull catgirl teeth surprise.

Gigatron can be seen in the crowd cheering on Megatron in one of his early gladiatorial matches. Megatron Origin issue 2


Heroes of Cybertron

HOC Gigatron.jpg
  • Powermaster Gigatron (2003)
Gigatron debuted in the fourth wave of the Heroes of Cybertron line, as a mostly-unaltered version of the Overlord figurine from the Japanese Super Collection Figure line (his shoulder-cones were rounded off for safety reasons, plus he used the standard "all clear-red-plastic painted over" coloring process to give him light-piped eyes). He came with the left arm of Fortress Maximus build-a-figurine.


  • Gigatron is the American Powermaster counterpart to the Japanese Godmaster Overlord (in the same manner, for example, as Cab is the counterpart of Hosehead), but he often gets overlooked since he was created fifteen years after the fact, instead of co-existing with his Japanese counterpart like the rest of the Powermasters, and exists only as a semi-obscure PVC figurine. Although the original 1988 Overlord toy has never been released in North America, it was released in Europe in 1991 under its original name. Whether or not that figure could be considered to represent the character of Gigatron retroactively with a different name is up for debate.
  • Gigatron's name was one of the names proposed for Armada Megatron.
  • It's also the Japanese name of RID Megatron.