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Gigant Bomb is a Decepticon from the Zone and then Robot Masters portions of Generation One, or is it the other way around, we can't really tell.

Gigant Bomb the space age robot! He's at your command! Gigant Bomb the space age robot! His power is in your haaaaaaaand! (Gigant Bomb is on the left)

A colossal Decepticon from the year 2025, Gigant Bomb traveled through the Blasty Zone to the year 2004. Joining with the Decepticons of that era and partnering with Smokesniper to form the super aircraft Gigant Sniper, Gigant Bomb is a grave threat to the Autobots. Luckily for them, his old enemies Star Saber and Victory Leo have followed him to the past!

Gigant Bomb has an internal purification plant that can rapidly absorb and utilize almost any form of energy, enhancing his offensive and defensive capabilities.

Note: Gigant Bomb's name is pronounced with a pair of hard G's: "gai-gant". Gigant is a German word meaning "giant".


Robot Masters

Pack-in comics

Gigant Bomb, infused with a chunk of solitarium, joins his partner Smokesniper in beating up Mirage and Bound Rogue. They then clobber Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal, but Star Saber and Victory Leo intervene. Combining to form Victory Saber, the solitarium is sliced right out of Gigant Bomb, and the two Decepticons are sent running.


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Online mini-comics


Robot Masters

  • Gigant Bomb (Robot Master, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM14
    • Accessories: 12 missiles, "Pulverizer"
A redeco of the Generation 2 Dreadwing toy, Gigant Bomb transforms into a "flying wing" style stealth bomber with under-slung six-missile gatling cannon. He can also transform into a treaded "tank" mode. In jet form, he can combine with Smokesniper's jet mode to make a complete aircraft called Gigant Sniper.
The same mold is used by BB and Dreadwind. The mold was also intended to be used for Megatron in G2, but was never released.
Unique to this release is the solitarium weapon "Pulverizer", a hand-held non-firing cannon. Also, this is the only time this mold was sold separately from the smaller partner unit.

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