The Giga Tornado Cannon (ギガトルネードカノン Giga Torunēdo Kanon) is a weapon formed from the Arms Microns Gora II, Zamu, and Dai. It is one of the many Combo Weapons in the Decepticon arsenal.



  • Megatron Darkness (Voyager, 2012)
    • Set ID Number: AM-15
  • War Breakdown (Voyager, 2012-06-30)
    • Set ID Number: AM-12
  • Dai (AMW Micron, 2012-07-28)
    • ID number: AMW-03
The Giga Tornado Cannon is formed from Gora II (packaged with Megatron Darkness) with the main barrel opened up, Zamu (packaged with War Breakdown) forming the back, and Dai as the second set of guns on top.


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