Constructacons Devastator Giftset Box circa 1985

A giftset is a package in which multiple Transformers toys (usually, members of the same combiner team) are sold together. Generally, the term "giftset" is not used to refer to multi-packs of toys from the smallest size classes, such as Micromasters or Mini-Cons.

Giftsets by country

Japan was the only country where the G1 Predacons were sold as a giftset, while the Combaticon and Terrorcon giftsets were only available in Japan and Italy. Additionally, Italy was also the only place where Nautilator was actually included in the Seacon giftset.

In Greece, El Greco's locally manufactured versions of the Constructicons and Protectobots were sold exclusively in giftsets.

In Japan, Sunstreaker, Skids and Buzzsaw were only available in the VS-Z giftset. Also, there was an exclusive Predacons giftset also sold in Japan. There were no American giftsets possibly due to the aforementioned action figures were bigger than all the other combiner sets.

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