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The Giant Sized Array is a radio telescope composed of a number of large dishes. It is located somewhere in Texas.

Transformers: Prime

Darkness Rising, Part 5

With the communications dish on the Nemesis destroyed by Bulkhead, the Decepticons lacked a way to target their space bridge on Cybertron. Soundwave was dispatched to the Giant Sized Array, with the intention of using it as a targeting aid. Raf quickly deduced what the Decepticons would do, and GroundBridged to the site with Jack and Miko so he could attempt to stop the plan. Once the kids got inside and found an unattended terminal, a tug of war ensued over the dishes, which ended when Soundwave distracted the kids long enough to target Cybertron and cut the hard line.


  • In the "Megatron Returns" adaptation, the location changed to the less fictional Very Large Array in New Mexico.