De-struction's better than con-struction, if you get my drift.

The Giant Planet Mini-Con Team are a trio of Mini-Cons who have abandoned their duties, operating without the assistance of a larger partner. Rather than work on construction sites, they prefer to just run around wrecking things. Be it on land, sea or air, these three are real troublemakers.

The Giant Planet Mini-Con team consists of...



  • Giant Planet Mini-Con Team (Scout-Class, 2006)
CYB giantplanetminicons

Theme-less wonders.

Available only as part of the Hasbro Cybertron series, this Team was only available sold in a set of three. They use the Decepticon cardback style, even though they aren't explicitly Decepticon-allied, fictionally.
In 2007, Wal-Mart stores carried an exclusive "Bonus buy" version of the Classics "Ultimate Battle" Optimus Prime/Megatron multipack that had two random members of the Giant Planet Team attached to the top of the box. All the toys involved were unchanged from their original separate releases.
This mold set was used to make the partner Mini-Cons to Timelines Astrotrain: Astro-Hook, Astro-Line and Astro-Sinker.
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