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The Autobots find the Giant Planet and seek out its inhabitants. New allies are made on both sides of the battle.

Detailed synopsis

On the Velocitron colony-world ship Ogygia, Scattorshot runs a tracking program to find the Atlantis, where Bud, Jolt and Reverb are still trapped, but the trail goes cold. Lori reasons that since Starscream is taking the Atlantis to Gigantion, then they simply need to reach the planet first to find them. Scattorshot picks up a heat-image, and they move in to investigate. Passing through an asteroid field, they find Gigantion, a colossal planet totally covered in cities.

Landing on the surface, the Autobots split up and try to find the citizens. After a long and fruitless search, Safeguard discovers a giant rock inside a building that's blocking a doorway. Wing Saber rams into it like a big dumb doof. One barrage of Cyber-Key-enhanced attacks later, a hole big enough for the humans and Mini-Cons is formed in it. Coby, Lori, Six-Speed and Safeguard investigate, but find only an ancient control room in disrepair and completely stripped of valuable parts. Safeguard makes note of the Gigantions' custom of constantly moving to newly-built cities, so the Autobots split up again.

Back on the Ogygia, Scattorshot picks up a faint noise from underground, too steady to be a natural occurrence. The Autobots move to the approximate source, and a giant city rises up from the ground nearby. Investigatng the new location, the search team discovers a build site, with the actual Gigantions still working there.



Coby and Lori head into the build-site without proper safety helmets on. A nearby crane's load slips, and Landmine rushes in to grab the colossal I-beam that threatens to crush the humans. Optimus steps in to help, but neither are strong enough to hold the beam for long... until the gargantuan Metroplex shows up, who uses his "saw" to slice the I-beam in two. Introductions are made, Metroplex inquires if the newcomers come from "that Planet X", then quickly berates the crane-bot for forgetting their motto, "safety first". Six-Speed and Metroplex's Mini-Con partner Drill Bit reunite, and Drill Bit passes around hugs.

At Metroplex's main bunker, he introduces his right-hand-bot Quickmix, and they all discuss the Cyber Planet Key matter. Quickmix says he's heard the object in question is in the planet's central layer, but the two Gigantions insist that going to the lower abandoned levels of the planet is not allowed by their laws, and that the Autobots should respect that. Vector Prime attempts to create a warp to illustrate... something, and discovers that for some reason, he can't. Further discussion is interrupted when a dump-truck alerts Metroplex to trouble elsewhere: Menasor is back!

The rebellious bot is attempting to drill through another rock barricade. Quickmix manages to stop him, but Megatron and the Decepticons are there, along with another new ally, Soundwave, who helped bring them to Gigantion. Menasor rants about how Gigantion's old ways are dumb, and attacks Evac and Override. The fight begins: Optimus and Wing Saber stock-footage into Sonic Wing Mode to dawgfight (sic) with Soundwave, Quickmix handles Scourge, Thundercracker chases Landmine, Leobreaker and Snarl tackle Ransack and Crumplezone, and the Cybertron Defense Team gang up on Thunderblast. Jetfire guards the humans, and tells Coby not to even think about moving from safety.


Faith and begorrah, what did I step in?

Meanwhile, Metroplex tussles with the combined Megatron and Nemesis Breaker. Metroplex proves to be far more agile than anyone expected, leaping quickly into the air and stomping Megatron hard into the ground. Scourge, Thundercracker, Ransack and Crumplezone regroup and gang up on Metroplex to help their leader, but the giant effortlessly blows them away. Megatron, still underfoot, uses some dark energy to make Metroplex stagger, and rushes at him with a Cyber-Key-enhanced Dark Claw Mode. Metroplex counters by powering up his "Sparkdrinker" weapon with his own Key, and brings it down on Megatron's skull. The huge explosion and force of the impact sends Megatron down several levels into the planet, and evaporates Nemesis Breaker. The Decepticons quickly jump down the hole, grabbing Megatron and rushing for safety.

After the battle, Metroplex and Quickmix come to a decision, realizing that they need to break their own traditions and enter the lower levels to stop the Decepticons from bringing destruction to all of creation. The giants shake hands (and mixing drum) with the Autobots, and the forces of good get a lot bigger with just the addition of two more robots.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Notable quotes

Wing Saber: "Abracadabra, a rock becomes a door!"
(slams into rock and groans)
"...And, my head becomes a lump."
Jetfire: "Not every problem can be solved by breaking something, you know."
Optimus Prime: "Hmm. Maybe if we all tried together, we could break through."
Jetfire: "Exactly! ... Wait, what?"

Wing Saber, Jetfire and Optimus Prime

"Wait, it could be dangerous!"
"Oh, it's always dangerous."

Optimus Prime and Coby

"Just step back old man! I'm sick of all your daft rules that don't even make any sense! The time for those rules is long gone! They're old and outdated, just like you! We're about to enter a new age! And I'm gonna be the one who's gonna lead this planet into it!"


"Where do they find these clowns, anyway?"

Wing Saber

"Looks like it's time to drop some science on you all."


"With this many opponents, we need all the power we can get!"
"Together, we'll have all the power we need and more!"
"Don't get overconfident!"
"Who says anything about - over? I'm just confident. Yeesh."

Optimus Prime and Wing Saber linking up

"Go ahead and run, Landmine! But you can't escape this here attack! With this spiral dive, I'll smash you to bits!"
(Runs into a steel beam)
"Who put that steel beam there?!" (falls to the ground)

Thundercracker attempting to attack Landmine

"All right guys! Take her down!"
"Come on, boys. Three against one? Can't you cut a girl a little slack?"
"No way!"

Cybertron Defense Team and Thunderblast

"This may be against our traditions, but then our traditions won't do us much good if the universe is gone!"


"Our team just keeps getting bigger and better!"
"Well, we're just so likable!"

Coby and Lori

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Ransack's "mask" is still missing.

Continuity errors

  • Why didn't Safeguard tell anyone about the Gigantions' build-then-move thing before they spent all day wandering around a clearly-abandoned city? Did he just forget?
  • It's not really a continuity error, but Metroplex hasn't actually got a saw as depicted in the show. He's got a bucket-wheel excavator, which shovels rocks and debris away, spinning the opposite direction a saw would.

Transformers references

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Gigantion is a lot bigger in this episode than when we first caught a glimpse of it back in the episode "Balance".
  • Almost nothing happens for the entire first half of the episode. The Autobots do a lot of wandering around abandoned cities, really belaboring the point.
  • Watch the Gigantions' stock footage transformation sequences. Each one actually features their toys' "work" robot modes, but only as "halfway points" in the full animation.
  • This is the last we ever see of Nemesis Breaker. Not that he did much anyway, but Megatron never bothers to bring him back after this.
  • Menasor's cyber key clearly doesn't do anything! In Galaxy Force he calls for Giant Drill but the only obvious thing this does is spin the drill, which he could do anyway. So, what's the point?


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