HauntingGriffinRock Ghost Inventor

Ghost Inventor was a prominent resident of Griffin Rock who believed that the future was in railroads.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Haunting of Griffin Rock"

Once an inventor who extolled the virtues of light rail, this well-known citizen was recreated as a hologram for the town's tricentennial in 1949. A little over sixty years later, the inventor's hologram was repurposed by Myles and Evan as a "ghost" and chased everyone out of a jewelry store. After it floated through Boulder and Chase, Graham tried to trap it using one of Doc Greene's Spectral Vapor Filters, but the device only held the hologram for a short time. The Ghost Inventor later terrorized Mayor Luskey and his staff. Once the mess had been cleared up, Frankie Greene put the holograms back to the purpose they'd originally been intended for.


  • It's unclear why he made his home on an island where there was no need for a railroad.
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