Ghost 1 is a human-constructed spaceship in the Transformers (2007) Movie continuity family.

Retroengineered from half-understood (at best) Ice Man-derived technology, the experimental Ghost 1 was created by Sector Seven in the late 1960s. It was theoretically capable of traversing the solar system from Jupiter back to Earth in a time frame of about six months (a rate of travel unimaginable for Earth-based technology).

Ghost 1 was single-stage, sleek and winged, with noticeable un-aerodynamic bulges and technology protruding in various places. To Transformer eyes it was of very noticeable Decepticon design (although simultaneously strangely primitive in construction) and resembled Megatron's space-jet form to some extent.

Ghost 1 possessed some weapons, which were evidently of enough sophistication to make the Transformers wary of them and at one point do enough damage to cause a sizable distraction in an Autobot/Decepticon battle.

Ghosts of Yesterday

Ghost 1 was launched using the Apollo 11 moonshot as a cover. Its mission was a test flight beyond Jupiter and back. The six-month tour was thrown for a loop while attempting to recreate an episode of Star Trek and it ended up pulling a Farscape instead. Things went decidedly downhill from there. Ghosts of Yesterday


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