300px-WFC Energon Bridge

Part of the larger Crystal City research facility, the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge is a means of beaming energon to orbital installations such as the moonbases, Trypticon Station, and the space bridge network that made Cybertronian colonization of other worlds possible. Its structure resembles a large lens, though in the center is an aperture that allows it to interact with the Plasma Energy Chamber.


Transformers: Exodus

Its existence revealed to Megatron by Starscream, the Seeker was tasked with activating the structure to fill Trypticon Station's energon reserves. When the flow of energon proved to be insufficient, Megatron discovered the lens' secondary function, and upon procuring the Plasma Energy Chamber he used both devices to spread the taint of Dark Energon nearly to the core of Cybertron itself. The Geosynchronous Energon Bridge ultimately stopped functioning when Optimus Prime journeyed to the core itself, and removed the corruption which endangered the planet.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

In the distant past, the Energon Bridge was located in the depths of Cybertron itself where it beamed its powerful contents to an orbital space station. However, the discovery on the true destructive potential of Dark Energon meant that the Bridge was shut down and all samples of the substance were contained in the space station where it was overseen by the former Sky Commander Starscream. After Megatron conquered the station and infused himself and his minions with Dark Energon, Starscream revealed that the station's supply was almost depleted. Pledging himself to the Decepticon cause, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp were dispatched to Cybertron to reactivate the Energon Bridge. They blasted their way into the maze of underground tunnels, eliminated the Autobot resistance, and succeeded in bringing the Energon Bridge back online.


  • Since "Geo" means "Earth", technically the name doesn't make sense.
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