Georgia is a territory of the United States of America, classified as a state. It may be on your mind, and if so, you can take the midnight train there (just be careful on the nights when the lights go out). Notable locations include Atlanta and Savannah.


Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.

Marvel Comics continuity

The Constructicons (sans Mixmaster) ransacked and demolished a half-built office tower in downtown Atlanta, stealing its steel girders. Once finished, they were retrieved by Blitzwing. Toy Soldiers!


Savannah is a city by the Atlantic Ocean.

Titan Magazines

In an alternate universe where Sam Witwicky was killed and the Decepticons won, a major Decepticon outpost was located near Savannah. Ironhide (Movie) and Ratchet (Movie) attempted to infiltrate this outpost, where they fought Bonecrusher (Movie). Transformers Comic issue 11

Following the liberation of America, Mikaela Banes took a position of authority at an emergency medical shelter in Savannah, until the Decepticons attacked. Transformers Comic issue 14 When the Autobots arrived to help, they were also attacked by human forces under Decepticon mind control. Transformers Comic issue 15

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