Georgi Koska is a Decepticon facsimile in the IDW continuity portion of the Generation 1 continuity family

Self-decommissioning sounds nicer than "Go kill yourself."

Created from the genetic material of the original "Georgi Koska" the Koska facsimile was a major part of the Decepticon's plans for Earth, until the Autobots turned him into goo.


IDW Comics

Koska did an admirable job of calming the fears of his fellow revolutionary friend Alexi and promised him action against the Russians would be coming. That action took on the form of Megatron and his cronies as they planned to sabotage the Russians oil lines in order to raise tensions in the area and cause a conflict. It was Koska who had the unprecedented honor of wielding the galaxies greatest living weapon when he fired the first shots of the conflict into the oil lines. He was next seen taking pot shots at Russian tanks. Escalation issue 3

Later, after Blitzwings failed attempt to take out Optimus Prime Koska attempted to take out the Autobot commander on Megatron's order but the timely intervention of the other Autobots prevented him from taking the shot. Faced with the possibility of the facsimile falling into Autobot hands Megatron ordered him to begin self-decommissioning, which involves walking toward enemy lines shouting various propaganda slogans. Escalation issue 4

Thanks to the timely intervention of Prowl and Hot Rod however, Koska was prevented from completing his suicidal objective. Escalation issue 5 With Koska in the hands of Hot Rod Prowl ordered him to return to the orbiting Ark-32 in order to get the facsimile out of harms way. Unfortunately before Nightbeat could make the correct modifications to the orbital bounce for the facsimile Hot Rod was attacked from behind and an emergency jump had to be initiated. Due to this the facsimile did not make it to the ship in one piece, rather as a puddle of green goo.

And with Koska's death, so too did the dream of Brasnian liberty die. Escalation issue 6

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