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Cybertron now freed from Shockwave's control, events in the rest of the universe start to happen as more elements are introduced and reintroduced to the story.

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 > Issue #0
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Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Pat Lee, Don Figueroa, Joe Ng
Inks: Elaine To, Rob Armstrong, Erik Sander
Colors: Espen Grundetjern, Rob Ruffolo
Additional Colors: David Cheung, Jong-Im Lee, Elliot Kravchik, Sigmund Torre
Flats: Kenny-Li, Ferd Poblete
Letters: Ben Lee


A collective of seemingly all-knowing entities monitor events and ongoings in the universe.

A monstrous predator travels though space, reawakened and hungry for nourishment, consuming everything on course to Earth. After the massive mechanical menace massacres the planet Lithone, it recycles the materials to create a new soldier: Cyclonus.

An earlier wave of minions, having spread around the universe, had entered a state of hibernation, while the Alpha Drone, Scourge, found its way to Cybertron. It was Scourge who reactivated Shockwave, and Scourge was captured while attempting to save Shockwave from a pack of Sharkticons.

Superion dreamwave

Worst... dentists... ever!

Scourge currently rests on Earth, having been discovered by humans, whom have also recovered the remains of the Constructicons and possibly the Aerialbots.

On Cybertron, the situation has quickly and dramatically changed as Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime dispose of Shockwave.

On Quintessa, protected by Sharkticons and suspiciously feminine looking robots, the narrators are revealed to be the Quintessons, who, for unknown reasons, are angry at Megatron.

On the Planet of Junk, Wreck-Gar recovers vaguely Seeker-esque bodies for the repaired Megatron.



Items of note[]

  • The letters column of issue #2 mentioned that issue #0 will never be reprinted, and to date, that statement is true.
  • The destruction of Lithone at the start of the issue is similar to its fate at the start of The Transformers: The Movie, however it is unknown if there were any survivors in this continuity.
  • Shockwave's encounter with Scourge was first glimpsed in "Cold War".
  • The Aerialbots (in Superion form) crashed into a nuclear missile in Prime Directive, while Devastator was last seen falling into the water after being blasted in the face by Prime. It turns out, he's not waterproof. Despite totally being waterproof.
  • Wreck-Gar is singing a popular song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and he later quotes Ricky Ricardo. This is the first known example in Transformers canon of Megatron being referred to as "Lucy".
  • The bodies which Wreck-Gar collects are likely leftover drones from the Aerospace Extermination Squadron.
  • The "Wavelengths" page has an article from the desk of Alan Wang.
  • Reader mail was answered in the "Prime Transmissions" section by writer Adam Patyk and also included a piece of fan-art from Frank Milkovich.

Covers (2)[]

  • Cover A: Regular cover with Megatron over Earth by Pat Lee
  • Cover B: Dealer incentive cover with Galvatron over Cybertron by Don Figueroa