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* Megatron, who has been missing, is reborn as Rebirth Megatron through the black hole connection system possessed by the [[Reverse Convoy]] of planet [[Vehicon (RM)|Vehicon]].
* Megatron, who has been missing, is reborn as Rebirth Megatron through the black hole connection system possessed by the [[Reverse Convoy]] of planet [[Vehicon (RM)|Vehicon]].
* The Autobot technician [[Wheeljack (G1)|Wheeljack]] discovers through information gathered from Ravage that in the near future, he and many other Autobots will die in the Unicron War. He sees a way to avoid this fate in the GT System, which makes it possible to replicate personalities. He initiates [[Operation: Body Shop]], creating replicas of himself.
* Injured in the battle over solitarium, Optimus Prime gains the power of the [[Energon Matrix]] possessed by the many Prime-type warriors gathered from different eras. He rids Earth of Decepticons. The Autobots use the last of the solitarium to return the time-lost Autobots and the captured Decepticons to their original eras.
* Injured in the battle over solitarium, Optimus Prime gains the power of the [[Energon Matrix]] possessed by the many Prime-type warriors gathered from different eras. He rids Earth of Decepticons. The Autobots use the last of the solitarium to return the time-lost Autobots and the captured Decepticons to their original eras.

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A translation of two official Japanese timelines for the events of the Generation 1 animated universe, incorporating the original Japanese series, Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Micromaster Collection, Robot Masters, Binaltech, Binaltech Asterisk, Kiss Players continuities and more. Along with linking existing events from these series the timelines also recorded several new events and retconed several others to make all the material fit (roughly) together.

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Unless otherwise indicated, names used are English versions.

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In 2006-07 TakaraTomy produced two extensive chronologies of Generation 1 which merged many new elements from the last decade into a single timeline that is significantly different from the American version of events.

A translation of those 2006-07 chronologies can be found here.

15,000,000,000 years ago

  • The Big Bang. The universe is born through the power of Zodiac.

12,000,000,000 years ago

  • The galaxy is born. The alien scientist Primacron is born.
  • Primacron creates a sentient, planet-sized robot life form called Unicron that feeds on mechanical planets and robot life forms, but it rebels against him. Primacron is injured. Primacron's Assistant, Oracle, flees.[1]
  • Oracle reaches a desolate planet in the center of the galaxy and changes it into a verdant world.
  • Oracle senses that in the far future, Primacron will create Tornadron, which can absorb all energy. Oracle summons Grimlock and other beast Transformers from the future to tell them how to destroy the threat.[1]
(Note: In its original English and Japanese versions, the events of this episode do not suggest any time travel to have occurred, but the new merged Japanese timeline retconned it in to prevent a conflict with the new idea that the Oracle has become Vector Sigma by the modern day.)
  • The Quintessons immigrate to Oracle's green planet. They obtain Oracle's shell, the Matrix. Oracle, who has the ability to give robots life, is turned into the ultra computer Vector Sigma. His safety key has the power to make organic life into machines, and is used by the Quintessons to transform his world into the machine planet Cybertron.[2]
  • The Quintessons attempt to create Trans-Organics as a fusion between robotic and organic life, but fail and seal them up deep within the planet.[3]
  • The Quintessons mass-produce civilian and military robot life forms, the ancestors of the Autobots and Decepticons, as slaves. The first of these is named A-3.[4]

11 million years ago

  • The intelligent robots of Cybertron develop emotions and revolt, with A-3 as their leader. They chase the Quintessons from the planet. The Golden Age of Cybertron arrives.[4]
  • The military Decepticons (who desire dictatorship) and civilian Autobots (who are against it) war against each other.[4]
  • The Autobots, who lack combat capabilities, are massacred. Many flee their home planet.[4]
  • The Matrix is passed on as a symbol of Autobot leadership. The holders' memory and wisdom are collected within it.[4]
  • In order to fight the Decepticons, the Autobots develop the technology to transform their bodies. However, several centuries later, the Decepticons gain the same technology. This is the birth of the Transformers.[4]
  • The scientists Starscream and Jetfire visit Earth for research purposes. Skyfire crashes into the Arctic and goes missing.[5]

9 million years ago

  • Megatron kills the Autobot leader. The Matrix is guarded by the elder Alpha Trion (formerly A-3).[4]
  • Cargo hauler Orion Pax is badly injured by Megatron and, through Alpha Trion's aid, is reborn as Commander Optimus Prime, bearer of the Matrix.[6]
  • War breaks out between Megatron's Decepticons and Prime's Autobots.
  • As the war intensifies, civilians who lack transformation abilities (Seiberdroids) flee, searching for a new home. These include the immigrants to Planet Paradron in the Fourth Great War.

The ancient past

  • God Messenger (Devil Z) and Godmaster come to Earth. Godmaster breaks into 8 pieces and falls into a deep sleep.
  • The independent Decepticon team called the Insecticons arrives on Earth and decides to live there permanently, using food and elements as their fuel.[8]

4 million years ago

  • A group of Transformers led by Fortress escape Cybertron in search of a new haven. They travel to the desolate planet Master.
  • The resources on Cybertron dry up. An Autobot space exploration team aboard the Ark led by Optimus Prime and their Decepticon pursuers aboard the Nemesis, led by Megatron, are pulled in by the planet Earth's gravity and crash. The Transformers enter a long period of stasis lock.[10]

3 million years ago

  • The immortal life force of Starscream, who died in the future of 2005, crosses time and space to reach Earth. He possesses a Predacon and attempts to take over, but fails. He returns to being a ghost and vanishes into the far reaches of time and space.[13]
  • Autobots and Decepticons traverse dimensions and battle the Beast Warriors.
(Note: While the factions are traditionally called 'Cybertrons' and 'Destrons' in Japan, these dimensional travelers are explicitly identified as Autobots and Decepticons, names that have only been used in Japan for the 2007 movie. The reference is to a toy-only story involving the movie characters (represented by the Japanese releases of the Fast Action Battlers visiting prehistoric Earth and interacting with the Beast Wars characters.)
  • Due to the Maximals' and Predacons' interference in the Vok experiment on Earth, the Vok begin to terraform the planet. Optimus Primal sacrifices his life to stop this. As a result, Earth loses its second, mechanical moon, and the Quantum Surge is generated.[14][15]
  • Humanity's ancestors are born. The Maximals assist in their evolution.[16]
  • Ravage is sent from the future to kill everyone. He captures the Predacon Megatron, but fails in his mission and is destroyed.[17][18][19]
  • In the volcano later to be known as Mount St. Hilary, the Predacon Megatron unearths the Ark and attacks the original Optimus Prime in an attempt to change history. As a result, a Time Storm occurs, but Optimus Primal stops it.[19][20]
  • The Maximals capture the Predacon Megatron and return to the future.[21]

Several million years ago

  • The Sparkbots travel back from 2007 and attempt to release Unicron's Angolmois energy, which was scattered in 2005. They are followed by Primus (a.k.a. Oracle), who seals them and the energy inside the Earth. He creates Fortress Maximus (RID) to stand guard and devises several layers of safeguards to control Maximus' activation.[9]

500,000 years ago

  • The Decepticon Deathsaurus uses a giant fortress in his quest to become the next Emperor, but the young Autobot Star Saber and others seal it up in the gravity well of the Dark Nebula.

Several thousand years ago

  • The Stone Age.
  • The Headmaster Grand of Planet Master meets up with the Autobot Pretenders. After a battle with the Decepticon Pretenders, they crash on Earth and take the form of humans. They seal up the Decepticon Pretenders, who have taken the form of demons, in a pyramid in Egypt, the Nasca Lines in Peru, and the undersea city of Atlantis.
  • A team of Autobots from the future come to Earth to activate Fortress Maximus, but their spaceship crashes on Angel Mountain. Later, this becomes the basis for human legends of U.F.O.s.[22]
  • The energy life form Devil Z steals the Powermasters' Transtectors from the G Nebula and brings them to Earth. He falls into a deep sleep. Among the Transtectors he has stolen is one created for Optimus Prime.
(Note: The above point contradicts the earlier account of Devil Z as the "God Messenger" and the Godmasters originating as a singular being known as "Godmaster." The earlier account is the one used in the animated series itself, but was later apparently retconned, replaced with the version of the story noted here. This version appeared in the later timeline and may be assumed to take precedence in canon.)


  • A human from the future year of 1985 and several Autobots and Decepticons including Starscream arrive through a time-space transportation system left in an ancient ruin on Earth. They are drawn into a territorial battle, but with the assistance of an old man claiming to be a wizard, they return to their original era.[23]

14th Century

  • Humanity unearths a spaceship that crashed on Earth several million years before, and discovers a Cybertronian weather control unit called the Power Core. The Power Core's activation causes a great disaster, but the King of Persia seals it inside a golden shell. Renamed the Pearl of Bahoudin ("Jehudin" in Japan), it is buried in the ground once more.[24]

Early 1980s

  • The Great War on Cybertron settles down. A team of Seiberdroids comes from Cybertron to look for Optimus Prime or the Matrix that he holds. A dimensional shockwave causes them to gain transformation abilities as Micromasters and travel to Earth. As a side effect of the shockwave, some become Decepticons.
  • The divided Micromasters begin a conflict on Earth. The Autobots unearth a fragment of Cybertronian metal and a Predacon emblem in Mount St. Hilary. They set up Metrobase to protect the site.
  • The Autobot Micromasters find a pod in the ground. A plasma released from the pod opens a dimensional rift and Multiforce arrives from the future.
(Note: No further explanation as to what happened to the Micromasters and Multiforce afterwards is provided.)


  • The eruption of Mount St. Hilary activates Teletraan I after 4 million years. Teletraan I awakens and repairs the sleeping Autobots and Decepticons, making them resemble the machines of Earth. The restored Megatron leads his forces to concentrate energy and send it back to their homeworld. Optimus Prime opposes this, and a conflict arises, sweeping humans into the battle.[10][25][26]
  • The Decepticon Air Commander Starscream unearths his old friend Skyfire from the polar ice. Even as Skyfire is reborn, they come into conflict and Skyfire joins the Autobots.[5]
  • Megatron makes a deal with the human scientist Doctor Arkeville and uses the hypno-chip that Arkeville has developed to brainwash and enslave many humans. Megatron uses them to construct a large Space Bridge and pulls Cybertron into Earth orbit. The gravitational pull causes major disasters on Earth, but he is stopped by Optimus Prime and the Autobots.[27][28][29]
  • Doctor Fujiyama (Dr. Hamada in Japan) creates the robot Nightbird. Due to Decepticon tampering, she goes berserk and is sealed up, but is considered a major step in the history of Earth-made robots.[30]
  • Starscream manipulates a time and space transportation system left in an ancient ruin on Earth and is transported to Europe in the year 543. He returns along with the Autobots who followed him.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • In order to bolster the ranks of the outnumbered Autobots, Alpha Trion becomes the activation key for Vector Sigma and merges with it.[31]
  • The Autobot Aerialbots, created by Vector Sigma, are transported by Decepticon Defense Commander Shockwave's time machine to the Cybertron of 9 million years before. There, they assist in the birth of Optimus Prime and return.[6]
  • Megatron tampers with the Golden Disk aboard the planetary exploration machine Voyager that was launched in 1977 and gives directions for changing history and destroying Optimus Prime on the Ark in the past if the Decepticons lose the war in the future.[18]

Latter 1980s

Early 1990s


  • During one of D.R. Faireborn's missions, he and his daughter Marissa are saved by Optimus Prime. From then onwards, Marissa is increasingly involved with Prime and the other Autobots. However, Shaoshao, who feels that her only ally has been taken away from her by Prime, begins to mistrust all Transformers.[9]
  • Shaoshao's parents relocate their restaurant to Japan. Shaoshao is forced to leave without ever reaching an understanding with Marissa or Prime.[9]

Latter 1990s

  • The U.S. government officially announces their intent to coexist with the Autobots, the existence of Decepticons, and their intention to join in the battle.[34]
  • The U.S. army works with the Autobots to develop and produce the military strategy robot C-X. However, Starscream's ghost, which has come from the future, tampers with it. It goes berserk and is destroyed.
  • The Japanese government makes a deal with the Decepticons, agreeing to allow them to gather energy in exchange for Japan's safety. However, Frenzy (who took Rumble's place in the Japanese cartoon) causes an artificial earthquake, leading to mass casualties.
  • The humans and Autobots work together to develop the interstellar teleportation gate known as the Trigger.
  • Starscream fuses with the Trigger. He attempts a coup, but is defeated by Optimus Prime and Megatron. In the battle, many on both sides are badly damaged, and Prime and Megatron go missing.[34]


  • An elite team of large Predacons (a.k.a. "Destrongers") from the future cross the dimensions to Earth.[35] They attempt to control Fortress Maximus, who was left on Earth several million years before. They are opposed by an Autobot Dimensional Patrol Team from the future, led by a new Optimus Prime. The Autobots secretly construct a Space Bridge and remain undercover. The Dimensional Patrol Team is made up of new-generation Transformers, including the Spy Changers, who were born from the addition of the Go-Bots.
  • The Autobot space ship that had crashed on Angel Mountain several millennia ago is unearthed by the Predacons. Its crew are reformatted into Decepticons.[22]
  • The Autobots activate Fortress Maximus. Borrowing Maximus's power, Prime defeats the leader of the Predacons and Decepticons, Galvatron.[36]


(Note: It is in this year that the timeline splits in two, the events following the Binaltech story will be list in under "200Xb", while the regular timeline events will be under "200Xa".)
  • The members of the Autobot Dimensional Patrol Team that remained on Earth sense a new threat and upgrade the Spy Changer team to Super Mode.
  • The Autobots sense that Megatron is preparing for a war to take over Cybertron. They prepare by moving most of their forces from Earth to Cybertron.


  • The members of the Autobot Dimensional Patrol Team that remained on Earth sense a new threat and upgrade the Spy Changer team to Super Mode.
  • The Autobots sense that Megatron is preparing for a war to take over Cybertron. They prepare by moving most of their forces from Earth to Cybertron.
  • Using the Cosmic Rust virus, the Decepticons sabotage the Autobot forces, causing massive damage. The E.D.C., having lost most of their defenses, activate the Binaltech Project, a plan to create man-made Transformers.


  • Megatron begins the war to take over Cybertron. The Autobots cannot send reinforcements to Earth.
  • Dimensional fissures called the Blasty Zone appear, and Transformers from various eras are transported to the year 2004. The Predacon Megatron arrives and defeats Starscream, taking over command of the Decepticons on Earth.
  • Optimus Prime and the other Autobots on Earth are attacked by the Decepticons led by the Predacon Megatron. Prime remembers having met a future Transformer aboard the Ark 3 million years before. A timestorm occurs, and Optimus Primal is summoned from prehistoric Earth.


  • Megatron begins the war to take over Cybertron. The Autobots cannot send reinforcements to Earth. The Binaltech warriors born on Earth are very effective. The E.D.C. and Autobots, working together, remove the Decepticons from the solar system.
  • Through an introduction by Dr. Arkeville, the Decepticon Earth Attack Commander Starscream allies with a secret organization, the Concurrence, made up of dangerous elements on Earth. Using advanced brainwashing techniques, they brainwash humans and take over several industrial cities across the world, creating Binaltech Decepticons.
  • In order to bolster their ranks on Earth, the Autobots develop the GT System, which creates same-personality duplicates. However, its side effects are unknown.
  • Under the E.D.C.'s leadership, a replica automaton with artificial intelligence is created in Japan. This is the birth of man-made Transformers.
  • In order to find the truth about the "Bad Production Incident" that created the Binaltech Decepticons, an expert team led by D.R. Faireborn works with Autobots including Jazz to enact Operation: Carwash.


  • Lio Convoy comes through the Bloody Zone (possibly a typo for Blasty Zone) from a future in which humans are extinct on Earth.
  • Megatron, who has been missing, is reborn as Rebirth Megatron through the black hole connection system possessed by the Reverse Convoy of planet Vehicon.
  • Injured in the battle over solitarium, Optimus Prime gains the power of the Energon Matrix possessed by the many Prime-type warriors gathered from different eras. He rids Earth of Decepticons. The Autobots use the last of the solitarium to return the time-lost Autobots and the captured Decepticons to their original eras.
  • In the world where history flows as it should, Unicron the Great Devourer appears and the Unicron War begins. Optimus Prime dies in battle, the heavily-wounded Megatron is reborn as Galvatron through the power of Unicron, and Starscream is executed by Galvatron.[37]
  • The Matrix is passed on to the new Autobot leader, Ultra Magnus, and the young Autobot Hot Rod releases its power, maturing into Rodimus Prime and becoming the Autobots' new leader. He throws Galvatron toward Planet Thrull and lights the darkness, destroying Unicron.[37] But the Angolmois energy within Unicron traverses time and space and parasitizes Autobot leaders from various time periods. Unicron's servants, the Sparkbots, secretly alter Galvatron's trajectory so that he will land on Earth.[9]
  • Galvatron crashes on Earth, creating a historically unparalleled disaster and transforming Tokyo into a sea of fire. His cells are scattered, and the Unicron cells within them multiply using humans and machines as their hosts. The machines become Legion and the biological organisms (humans) become Kiss Players.[9]
  • Due to the disaster, humans begin to see Transformers as an enemy, with anti-Transformers sentiment centering on Japan. To combat this, key aid groups and Autobots work on rescue operations in Tokyo. Among them is a sentient metallic being who takes on the form of an Autobot to soothe the thirst of the people of Japan.
  • Despite the Autobots' best efforts, the Japanese people's anti-Transformers sentiment continues unabated and spreads throughout the world. Eventually, the Tokyo E.D.C. is at the center of a movement to force Transformers off the Earth. There are some who believe that the Concurrence is behind this sudden change in direction, but it is not known for certain.
  • The E.D.C. summons Kiss Players from across the country and begins to remove Cybertronians using white artificial Transformers called Autroopers.[9]
  • The E.D.C. develops an anti-electron field that greatly lowers the life functions of Cybertronians and covers the planet with it, thus driving all remaining Transformers off the Earth.
  • Rodimus Prime, devastated by the thought that his actions caused humanity and Transformers to go to war with each other, returns both the Matrix and the title of Commander to Ultra Magnus and becomes Hot Rod once more.
  • Some civilians oppose the unilateral actions of the E.D.C. to remove the Transformers and form a resistance movement. Marissa Faireborn is seen among them.


  • The remaining members of the disbanded American intelligence agency Triple-I succeed in analyzing the flight recorder of a future Transformer's spaceship, which they had unearthed and safeguarded since the previous century. They discover the future Decepticon Ravage's "Central Consciousness File X-9." Using the life force of the current Ravage, who had been captured by the E.D.C., he is reborn as the Binaltech Ravage. However, sensing that his plan to change history 3 million years before had failed, Ravage once again begins to try to alter the timeline.
  • Ravage repairs Shockwave's Chronosphere time machine. He traps the on-the-verge-of-victory Megatron and the other Decepticon forces around Cybertron between dimensions, their mobile fortress and all. He intends to protect the Decepticons from Unicron's imminent arrival and to allow the Autobots to exhaust themselves battling Unicron. Then the Decepticons will reemerge and reign supreme.
  • Ravage from another point in the future makes contact with Teletraan I in order to use the Transformers' "Bio and Tech Spec" data to manipulate the timestream and create a future without needless battles. He is stopped by the humanoid computer Mobile Teletraan 15, who has traveled back in time from 2007. As a result, Teletraan I is damaged and the data is lost.
  • In order to regain the lost data, Ravage takes on the identity of "Black Panther Man" and infiltrates the Autobots. He instructs the Teletraan 15 of 2005 to travel to different eras via Transwarp and creates an Information Control Center based on the record satellite Nana.
  • The Autobot technician Wheeljack discovers through information gathered from Ravage that in the near future, he and many other Autobots will die in the Unicron War. He sees a way to avoid this fate in the GT System, which makes it possible to replicate personalities. He initiates Operation: Body Shop, creating replicas of himself.
(Note: This event could take place in either timeline, but since the Autobots here are in Binaltech bodies, it's placed in this timeline for the sake of continuity.)
  • The Autobots attempt to undo the change in history that the Binaltech Ravage caused. Autobot theoretician Skids directs "Operation: Distant Thunder" in an attempt to send a warning to the past. If it succeeds, history will return to normal, but the Autobots will lose to the Decepticons, Cybertron will be conquered by Megatron, and the great darkness of Unicron will arrive.
  • Operation: Distant Thunder fails. A mysterious entity called "The Protector" creates a bypass, creating two parallel worlds: one with the true progression of events, and the other with the altered history of the Binaltech Project. The world where the altered history continues will eventually lead to the great Alternity.
(Note: It is at this point that the Binaltech story ends, thus drawing its timeline to a halt.)


  • "Over-Technology" is used to rebuild the city of Tokyo at a fever pitch.
  • In May, just as peace is restored, hordes of an unknown Transformer species called Legion appear. The Legion creatures roam cities and attack a small number of humans, as though there is some special quality that they are looking for.
  • To fight the Legion forces, the E.D.C. uses Galvatron's cells to mass-produce black-and-white Autroopers. When fused with Kiss Players, they can fight on equal footing with Legion creatures.
  • Atari is attacked by a Legion and fuses with Shaoshao Li's Ne-04 Autrooper. She shows berserker-type abilities and destroys the Legion. She is identified as a Kiss Player.
  • Atari joins the E.D.C. Tokyo Autrooper Team.
  • Starscream's ghost possesses Atari and uses her Kiss Player abilities to fuse with a new body that he forces Dr. Arkeville to make for him. His plans end in failure, and he returns to being a ghost.
  • The body of Optimus Prime, who died in the Unicron War, is transported from Autobot City in America to Tokyo via Narita Airport. The convoy carrying his corpse is attacked by the resistance and the plan to move him fails. An out-of-control Autrooper unit engages in a ParasiTech fusion with Prime's body. With the assistance of a Kiss Player from the resistance, Prime regenerates into a new body and is restored to life.
  • Shaoshao Li is held captive in the underground experimentation facility beneath the Tokyo E.D.C. headquarters. A Legion attempts to fuse with her, but she is saved by the sudden appearance of Hot Rod. Hot Rod has a ParasiTech fusion with the Legion, but is reformatted by Shaoshao's Kiss Player abilities. From this day forward, Shaoshao is forced to spend her life fleeing from the E.D.C.[9]
  • Prime, Marissa, Hot Rod, Shaoshao and Atari stop the human experimentation being carried out by the E.D.C.'s Commander Amaō and the scattered cells are returned to Galvatron. He is once more sent on a trajectory to land on Thrull. Prime, who has finally awakened from his nightmare, returns to death.[9]


  • The Sparkbots attempt to collect the Angolmois energy that has spread through various eras by tricking Atari and the others. They time travel with Fortress Maximus, but the awakened Primus stops them and they are sealed several million years ago on Earth along with the Angolmois energy.[9]
  • The Decepticon Soundwave, who had been silent until now, uses his clones to secretly brainwash humans.


  • Hot Rod reclaims the Matrix and becomes Rodimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, once more.
  • The Quintessons start to try to take back their ancestral home of Cybertron.[38]
  • Galvatron awakens from his slumber on Planet Thrull.[38]
  • Starscream, who had been active as a ghost, is restored to life by Unicron and goes missing.[39]
  • In the wake of Unicron's destruction, Primacron creates the life form Tornadron, which absorbs all energies. In the distant past, his former assistant Oracle senses this and summons Grimlock and the other beast Transformers, informing them how Tornadron may be destroyed.[1]
  • The last of the Quintessons, who had captured a time-traveling vessel and put its crew on trial, are defeated by the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and are swallowed up in a dimensional maelstrom, disappearing.[9]
  • Unicron's head and remains, floating in orbit around Cybertron, are sealed up in the Triple Z Point.


  • The release of the Matrix's energy causes Vector Sigma to destabilize. Optimus Prime sacrifices his life to stop it.[43]
  • Partially recharged by the energy of Earth, the Matrix is fully restored by the ghost of Alpha Trion, and Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime again.[43]
  • The war worsens. Cybertron is destroyed. Rodimus Prime leaves to seek out a new homeworld, and Fortress becomes the new Autobot commander.[44] The planet Mars is destroyed in an explosion.[45]
  • Ultra Magnus dies in battle.[46] Galvatron disappears into a glacier.[47]
  • Fortress Maximus stops Emperor of Terror MegaZarak's plan to blow up the Earth and drives the Decepticons from the Earth. Afterwards, the Cybertrons leave Earth to rebuild space.[48]

Several years after 2011

  • Devil Z, who had been asleep at the bottom of Earth's ocean, awakens and attempts to destroy all of humanity.
  • The Autobots in space cannot send assistance to Earth due to the worsening battle. Instead, they send the Masterforce System, allowing humans to fuse with Transtectors. However, the humans who have sided with Devil Z use this for evil.
  • The human Ginrai, who has fused with the body intended for Optimus Prime, eliminates Devil Z.[49]


  • The Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Deathsaurus reactivates his giant fortress and attacks Earth. Victory Saber stops him and destroys the fortress.

After 2025

  • Deathsaurus is reborn as the Dark Emperor. He leads all Decepticons in pursuit of the new energy form Energon Z.
  • The new Emperor of Destruction, Violen Jygar, appears. His true identity is a fusion of the ghosts of Decepticons who died in battle.
  • On Saturn's moon Titan, where a civilization exists that worships robots as gods, Metrotitan is born from within the ground. He assists the Decepticons and performs sabotage activities like blocking transmissions.
  • Violen Jygar steals the Super Element Zodiac from Earth and returns to his birthplace, the 10th planet of the solar system. He is destroyed by the new commander Dai Atlas and his warriors. The rainbow of Zodiac, which is the energy of constructing the universe, fills the 10th planet with life.
(Note: This is the second mention of the "Bloody Zone," which from its context appears to be the same as the Blasty Zone. It may be a typo.)
  • The Great Emperor Dark Nova, who looks very similar to Unicron, appears. In response, Dai Atlas orders the Battlestars to seek out Optimus Prime's body, which had been stolen by Decepticons.
  • On the satellite base Lucifer, Optimus Prime is discovered and reborn as Star Convoy using the power of Zodiac.
  • Super Megatron evolves into Ultra Megatron, then fuses with Dark Nova to become Star Giant. Star Convoy destroys him from within.
  • Planet Cybertron is revived, but suffers a deadly energy shortage. Optimus Prime becomes a Powermaster, fuses with a Nebulan, and protects himself with a phase modulation shield. He enters a black hole to get the super energy Nucleon.
  • Optimus Prime is reborn as an Action Master and creates the Cybertron Alliance with Megatron, who lost his violence circuits in the previous war. However, Megatron, who has lost his underlings to humans, begins planning to invade Earth once more.
  • Optimus Prime and Megatron, who have upgraded to new forms, follow "The Law of Cybertron" and have a one-on-one duel in the 17th District of the Merton Nebula. Prime is defeated and destroyed, but is rebuilt into Battle Convoy by the power of the Matrix. Megatron joins with Dreadwing and others, and a battle begins. In the end, the Autobots triumph and the Decepticons flee to the far reaches of the universe.
  • Battle Convoy equips himself with a new secret weapon and updates himself to a form that resembles his original body. Through a special coating, he gains a "Black Body" to absorb sunlight. He uses his twin special missile launchers and engages Galvatron II in battle.

Approximately 300 years later

  • The long war ends with victory by the Autobots, and the Decepticons sign a cease-fire.
  • The next-generation Autobots (Maximals) create a clone of Starscream, who has an indestructible spark. They try to use him as an immortal warrior, but fail.[51] This "Protoform X" massacres Colony Omicron and is captured 4 stellar cycles later.[52]
  • The next-generation Megatron steals the Golden Disk, which the Maximals have been safeguarding. With his underlings, he travels to the Earth of 4 million years ago. Optimus Primal and his crew, who have been engaged in deep-space exploration with the captured Protoform X aboard their ship,[51] are assigned to chase down Megatron.[11] Colony Omicron's former chief of security, Depth Charge, follows in pursuit of Protoform X.[52]
  • The Predacon Tripredacus Council view Megatron's independent actions as dangerous, and send Ravage 4 million years into the past to assassinate all Maximals and Predacons involved with the Beast Wars.[17] Their plan ends in failure.[18]
  • While Optimus Primal's Maximals return to Cybertron with the captured Megatron, Megatron escapes into an earlier period and uses a virus bomb to conquer the planet before the Maximals return to the planet.[53]
  • Primal and his crew are affected by the virus bomb and lose their memories and ability to transform, but through the guidance of Oracle, they are reformatted into new bodies.[54] It is revealed that Primal was sent into the past to bring organic beast bodies back to Cybertron as part of Oracle's plan. Primal takes Megatron with him as he throws himself into the core of Cybertron, a fountain of organic energy. They die. The captured sparks are all freed, and Cybertron is reformatted into a verdant world with a balance of organic and machine.[55]
  • Primal and Megatron, despite having died, are reborn on a parallel world through the power of the ancient Transformer Logos Prime, who resides there. They descend to Jungle Planet and gain new bodies. They cause the Ignition Effect on the planet for the first time.[56]

Era unknown

  • The ancient Gaeans, who live on Gaea (Earth in the future), succeed in obtaining Angolmois energy. However, they discover that the energy could potentially destroy the entire universe if it responds to an evil heart, and so they leave an observation system on the moon and abandon their planet, leaving for space.

Tens of thousands of years later

  • An armored platoon led by the next-generation Galvatron seeks to possess the Angolmois energy dormant within Gaea, and Lio Convoy's team attempt to stop them.
  • Lio Convoy travels through the Blasty Zone to the year 2005.
  • Galvatron summons the artificial planet Nemesis. Lio Convoy and his crew use the power of the Energon Matrix to seal the Angolmois energy into capsules and release them into space. Galvatron is destroyed.
  • After Nemesis explodes, Lio Convoy is swallowed up by the ensuing wormhole and is transported to the planet Dinosaur in the past.

Several years after the battle on Gaea

  • Magmatron, who is obsessed with vengeance for Planet Dinosaur, which was attacked by Unicron in the past, attempts to collect the Angolmois capsules. Meanwhile, military instructor Big Convoy and his new recruits learn of the capsules via a message from Lio Convoy and make the capsules' collection their mission.
  • The Blendtrons, servants of Unicron, steal the capsules. Unicron resurrects as an energy being, and the second Great War begins. Unicron attacks Vector Sigma and is reborn as Vector Sigma Unicron, using Cybertron as his new body.
  • Big Convoy, aided by Lio Convoy, uses the Matrix Buster to defeat Unicron, who has returned to being an energy being, and thus brings peace to the universe. Afterwards, Lio Convoy becomes Great Convoy and is promoted to the ruling body. After the graduation ceremony for the recruits, the Maximals and Predacons stop fighting and cooperate to rebuild Cybertron.


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