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This early-1990s series consists only of Generation One cartoon episodes rebroadcast with a smattering of CGI animation laid on top of them. The most extensive change was the intro, which had been entirely replaced with CGI footage also used in a contemporary toy commercial for Optimus Prime and Ramjet. This was the only change in content; all the other CGI additions were related to the "Cybernet Space Cube," which only overlaid intrusive, noisy graphics, most often during cuts and scene transitions.

The episode choices and airing order were haphazard. Sometimes this appeared to be the result of concurrent product placement being prioritized over the original narrative, but sometimes there was no discernable reason at all. While the show managed to last through a second season, it never caught on like the original run. Fan reaction at the time is difficult to determine, since the fandom had only barely begun to coalesce, and Internet records (such as they were) are spotty. Certainly this had been the sole opportunity for many fans to see the bulk of the episodes again, since the original series had stopped airing years earlier, and only a handful of episodes were available on VHS. However, DVDs and Internet piracy have since filled that gap; the only lasting effect the G2 cartoon has had among modern-day fans is the term "Cybernet Space Cube" becoming synonymous with cheap, annoying, useless gimmickry.


Season 1

G2's first season contained only enough of G1's first season to introduce the core Transformers and then the Dinobots and Constructicons, the latter two groups being back on the toy-store shelves at the time. The episodes then leapt into G1's second season for more Dinobot and Constructicon action, as well as some nods to other toys available.

Season 2

Season two was longer and less clearly driven by advertisement than season one. It ended up covering a majority of G1's second season and backtracking through some G1-season-one episodes missed in G2's first season. However, these were all massively out of order, and the insertion of a few post-movie episodes early on destroyed all semblance of continuity. The post-movie episodes' inclusion might possibly be explained by their use of the Aerialbots and/or Combaticons, who were also part of the G2 toyline. But then, the Aerialbots' origin episode was never given the G2 treatment.

  1. "War of the Dinobots"
  2. "Atlantis, Arise!"
  3. "Auto Berserk"
  4. "Kremzeek!"
  5. "Triple Takeover"
  6. "Starscream's Brigade"
  7. "The Revenge of Bruticus"
  8. "Masquerade"
  9. "Ghost in the Machine"
  10. "The Ultimate Weapon"
  11. "Fight or Flee"
  12. "Transport to Oblivion"
  13. "Roll For It"
  14. "Changing Gears"
  15. "Attack of the Autobots"
  16. "Day of the Machines"
  17. "Enter the Nightbird"
  18. "A Prime Problem"
  19. "The Insecticon Syndrome"
  20. "Microbots"
  21. "Blaster Blues"
  22. "Sea Change"
  23. "The Search for Alpha Trion"
  24. "Autobot Spike"
  25. "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide"
  26. "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1"
  27. "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2"
  28. "The Ultimate Doom, Part 1"
  29. "The Ultimate Doom, Part 2"
  30. "The Ultimate Doom, Part 3"
  31. "B.O.T."
  32. "Aerial Assault"
  33. "Cosmic Rust"
  34. "Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1"
  35. "Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2"
  36. "Fire on the Mountain"
  37. "Countdown to Extinction"
  38. "Trans-Europe Express"
  39. "City of Steel"


  • The following G1 season one and two episodes were NOT featured in the G2 run. If you can discern any rationale, you are wiser than the wiki editors who have come before you.

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