Joseph Brady Colton is a member of Adventure Team and G.I. Joe from the Generation One continuity family.
Joe colton

Joe Colton doesn't sleep, he waits.

Joseph Brady Colton "G.I. Joe" uses his uncanny resemblance to Chuck Norris to benefit mankind as the guy for whom the G.I. Joe team is named. And it may be that Chuck changed his name temporarily to Joe Colton.

He was partners with Mike Power, who had a robotic arm and leg, which is more robotics than your average human has, but still much less than a Transformer.

Colton eventually teamed up with Optimus Prime, which was pretty cool.

Joe should never be confused with Jake Colton. Joe eats men like Jake for breakfast.


DDP GI Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

In the late 1970s, Joseph Colton led the three-man Adventure Team through the Himalayan Mountains. They came under attack from the airborne forces of General Mihai, who were in turn attacked by members of Cobra-La. Working for Cobra-La was Bludgeon, who killed Atomic Man. Colton and his guide, Chok-Pa, were saved by Pythona's wish to keep the two captive. And so the original G.I. Joe went missing in action.

Colton was imprisoned for decades, during which he was tormented by Pythona about the coming of Unicron. Joe retained a silent rage. When Pythona informed him that members of G.I. Joe, Flint and Hawk, had been sent to Tibet, along with Optimus Prime, Colton freed himself and soon allied with the men and Autobot.

Colton explained how Bludgeon arrived to team up with the Cobra-La civilization and helped fight their forces. He led the team to where a metal-eating spore was being cultivated as part of a back-up plan in case Unicron betrayed Cobra-La. A horde of yeti attacked, but Joe fought them all off with his Kung-fu grip and interrogated a yeti, which only Joe could do.

Joe, Flint, and Prime loaded up Cosmos with the spores, intending to use Cobra-La's back-up plan to defeat Unicron. However, Joe was soon attacked and badly beaten by Nemesis Enforcer. Close to defeat, his grizzled manliness finally reached Pythona's heart. She stabbed Nemesis Enforcer in the back and saved the hero.

Cosmos and Flint deployed the spores and destroyed Unicron, and Joe later explained to Duke that he'd succeeded in his life's mission and needed to be re-purposed. Flint later briefed a group of men for a mission to explore the insides of the now-dead Unicron, a group to be led by Joseph Colton. Black Horizon

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