General Grievous is a Kaleesh cyborg in Star Wars.

He's very proud of his little brother.

General Grievous has trained in the art of lightsaber combat with the evil Count Dooku. He is skilled in several unorthodox fighting techniques, such as a "furious four-lightsaber assault", and has used these skills to cut down several Jedi Knights. Now, Grievous changes into Wheel Bike mode to hunt and destroy Obi-Wan Kenobi and the remaining Jedi. [1] He is the leader of the Separatist army, which apparently has lots of droids. [2] We're repeatedly told that he's much-feared. He is often protected by bodyguards called Magnaguards.

He seems to be a raging religious bigot against Jedi. But what manner of being is this Grievous?


Star Wars Transformers

  • General Grievous Wheel Bike (2006)

The first of two General Grievous Transformers figures. Sporting excellent articulation and detail, the figure had some joint issues in both Wheel Bike and Robot modes, which cause his limbs to pop off sometimes, his hands also feature poseable thumbs and fingers (all fingers except his 2 thumbs are one piece), which, while a great detail, make holding lightsabers very hard for the figure. He comes with a Tiny General Grievous pilot and 3 lightsabers, though the instructions don't recognize the red lightsaber as such. His robot mode has kibble issues which makes him look like he's ready to be off to school.


  • General Grievous Starfighter (Star Wars, 2008)

The second General Grievous Transformer figure belongs to the Crossovers subline. this version has better joints in robot mode, as well as fixing his hand joint issue. His vehicle mode is based on the ship that the General attempted to escape Utapau in Star Wars Episode 3, though he was killed off before he could. The vehicle mode features a projectile weapon that can be wielded in both modes. Like the other Crossovers figures, this version of Grievous lacks a pilot figure, but has an opening cockpit and chair to fit a pilot figure (though the Grievous pilot figure is too big to fit in his cockpit. way to go, Hasbro)


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