General Freeman is a United States military officer aiding the Autobots in their fight on Earth. He is featured in the game Transformers: Universe.


Transformers: Universe

General Freeman was contacted by Optimus Prime on Earth. He provided the Autobots with a base of operations in exchange for their help battling the Decepticons in Central City


  • General Freeman's place in the story was originally occupied by William Fowler, but with the Transformers: Prime TV show ending, the game moved away from that show and created a new human to take his place.
  • In closed beta of Transformers Universe, Central City had a jet that looked extremely similar to Fowler's V-tol that appeared to have crash landed. However, in the coming updates Central City was altered and the jet was removed and replaced with a downed Chinhook helicopter. On the side of the helicopter in small writing is the word "Freeman" further indicating Freeman was intended to replace Fowler.
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