This article is about the Revenge of the Fallen Autobot. For the Generation 1 Autobot, see Gears (G1).

Gears is an Autobot from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film series continuity family.


Gears loves to complain. If there's a bad side to anything, Gears will be the first to complain about it (Now who does that remind you of?). At least his complaints tend to make the other Autobots chuckle. If there's a negative angle to be found in any situation, Gears will find it. It's not that he's a miserable guy or that he's unhappy on earth. He just really likes complaining. Nothing makes him happier than having something to gripe about. The other Autobots actually find his complaining funny, rather than annoying, which is part of the reason he keeps on doing it.


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Autobot Gears (Deluxe, 2009)


Gears is a redeco of Stockade. He turns into a silver SUV with the Autobot symbol on the hood and blue-gray gears on the doors. His robot mode includes red and blue parts. Gears features a punch attack gimmick. Extending both "fists" gives a distinct resemblance to a trukk-munky.

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