An example of a Prime Gear Box.

Gear Box is a collectible item in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. They are the player's sole means of unlocking weaponry, characters and other items.


Gear Boxes make no physical appearance in game, instead, they are presented as military-esque footlockers, in varying colors, based on their tiers.

Prime Gear Boxes are a bright cyan-ish blue, Gold Gear Boxes are obviously yellowish gold. Silver Gear Boxes are silver, Bronze Gear Boxes, bronze, and Iron Gear Boxes are a gray-ish color.


In gameplay, the player can access a menu option called "Gear Boxes". This will lead the player to their collection of boxes, with each variant being stored in certain areas. The features unlocked through Gear Boxes include:


  • Any previously unlocked characters, weapons, and abilities will automatically be converted into T.E.C.H. or HACKs.
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