Gas Skunk is one of the Predacons under the command of Megatron who has come to Earth to rob it of energy and perform other evil deeds. In battle, his bicep-mounted "Left Laser" blaster and serrated tail can do impressive damage. In both modes he can also cough up huge, billowing clouds of foul-smelling smoke that blind and disorient opponents and can corrode structures. Unfortunately for Gas Skunk and his fellow Predacon stooges, Rail Racer discovered that this gas is rather flammable.

Gas Skunk is the smartest of the Pred trio--and while that doesn't take much, he actually is pretty clever. He is a skilled inventor able to create new weapon technology when needed, and also has extensive knowledge of Cybertronian law and computer programming. But he's not as smart as he thinks he is: he tends to mangle large words he tries to use (and some not-so-large ones), and sometimes tends not to think about whatever he's doing beyond the very-short-term. Plus, he's a bully and a craven coward at heart, and as soon as he's up against a show of force, that aspect of his personality comes screaming to the forefront while he goes screaming to the rear of the battlefield.

He seems to be on friendly terms with his fellow stooges Dark Scream and Slapper, especially when it comes to shifting blame for their failures onto their commander Sky-Byte. Though he definitely shares Sky-Byte's hatred of the new Decepticon forces, who are a real threat to their jobs!

Japanese name: Gaskunk
Russian name: Skuns (Скунс, "Skunk")


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor:' Jerry DeCapua (English), Norio Imamura (Japanese)
Optimus GasSkunk02


Gas Skunk researched Cybertronian salvage laws and came to the conclusion they allowed the Decepticons and Predacons to steal Autobot stasis pods from a crashed ship; Optimus Prime at first believed him, but eventually was able to argue against it on a technicality The Decepticons.

Perhaps Gas Skunk's most impressive display of his technical prowess came when he single-handedly designed and built a massive particle beam cannon capable of disrupting any enemy's electrical systems. The best display of his total lack of common sense was that he attempted to use it to stop a steam-powered locomotive Secret Weapon: D-5.


Robots in Disguise

RID Gas Skunk Toy

"Stinkbomb is the preferable name" is a phrase I never thought I'd say...

  • Gas Skunk (Basic, 2000)
Japanese ID number: D-002
A repaint of the Transmetal 2 Maximal Stinkbomb (they use the same base plastic colors), Gas Skunk transforms into a techno-organic monstrous skunk.
  • Dark Scream / Gas Skunk / Slapper (Mega 3-pack, 2001)
For his Hasbro release, Gas Skunk was only made available in a Mega-class 3-pack with Dark Scream and Slapper. There are no notable differences between the Hasbro and Takara versions of any of the three in the set.

Special attacks

  • Acid Breath
  • Left Laser
  • Gas Skunk Attack
  • Skunk Tail
  • Tail Blade Slash


  • In the Japanese version, Gas Skunk speaks in effeminate Japanese. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • According to the Car Robots toy catalog, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk and Slapper comprise a subgroup known as the "3 Metal Beast Brothers" (メタルビースト3兄弟 Metaru Bīsuto 3 Kyōdai). Apparently Takara's intent was to have them parallel the deluxe "Three Car Robot Brothers" (as Prowl, Side Burn, and X-Brawn were called in Japan), but both the Japanese and American versions of the cartoon ignored them having any sort of familial relationship.
  • He probably smells terrible.
    • Especially when using his gas attacks.

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